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From the creators of Noah 10.....comes Zero Hero! A new series created by Solo28, creator of Noah 10.

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Once upon a time, a sixteen year old boy named Zero lived his life normally. This is, until aliens invade the planet. One in particular named Azeire. Azeire kills Zero's parents and prepares to kill him, but for some reason, Azeire's attack didn't kill Zero. Azeire goes away, but it turns out Azeire's attack gave Zero the powers of 10 different aliens (without having to turn into them). Now, Zero goes to get revenge on Azeire for killing his parents, but gets into many misadventures along the way.




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Alien Powers

Original PowersEdit

  1. Bigfoot (Brown Aura)
  2. Upgrade (Green Aura)
  3. Spidermonkey (Light Blue Aura)
  4. Ghostfreak (Purple Aura)
  5. Smallarge (Grey Aura)
  6. Big Chill (Dark Blue Aura)
  7. Heatblast (Fire Aura)
  8. Doomer (Electric Aura)
  9. Lodestar (Yellow Aura)
  10. Ditto (Black Aura)

Additional PowersEdit

  1. Armodrillo (Grey/Yellow Aura)
  2. XLR8 (Confirmed) (Blue/Black Aura)
  3. Ripjaws (Confirmed) (White/Green Aura)

Each power has a different aura (like on DBZ). So that's what the auras are.

Theme Song

See Zero Hero Theme Song

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