Yen is one of Yen's aliens in ABC 10.


Yen sort of looks like a Chinese girl. She wears a Chinese dress with yellow markings on it, that is too long for her, since she is a short alien, shorter than Own-It. Her skin is pink, but you can only see that on her hands, for her face is painted white and circular with red circles on her cheeks. She has black hair curled into three spheres and chopsticks through them. She can make paper fan claws come from her wrists, much like Rath. She is one of the most detailed aliens in ABC 10.


As said above, Yen can pop paper fan claws. She can use them to stab stuff, or she can unroll them and use them to create powerful gusts of wind. She can summon yen, Chinese money, and make it disappear with Chinese goods in return.


It is hard for Yen to get around due to her dress.

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