Hi,Ben 10 Fan Base.It's me,the owner of Ben 10 UltiVerse.This page is made for those of you who want to (but don't know how to)make a series.

Bad exampleEdit

Ben 10: Alien Invasion is a series by Super8 about Ben,Gwen and Kevin living their lives as normal and Ben(Age 17) forgot how to use the Omnitrix so he always ends up getting beat up.

Now,the wrong thing with this is that Ben is living his life normally?Come on,aliens always attack Ben!Besides,he is a hero,and Ben forgot how to use his Omnitrix?No way.Another thing,he always ends up getting beat up?The 'bad'guy is beaten up!Not the good one!

Good exampleEdit

Ben 10: Alien Invasion is a series by Rath28 about Ben living his life fighting evil aliens when Vilgax returns with the powers of 100 worlds' greatest hero.Ben must gather all the help he can get!

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