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Season 1, Episode 1
Where It Begun
Air date 11 March 2015
Written by Charlotte Fullerton
Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
Soon My Minuns

Transcript Edit

(ben Is Chaseing Vilgax And Vilgax Shoots Ben Ben Turns Into Swampfire And Shoots Vilgax)

Vilgax Nice Trick

Swampfire Yes Now Take This

Vilgax Oh No

Swampfire (fires a big ball at Vilgax Vilgax Shoots It)

Swampfire Yes

Vilgax You Fool You Think You Can Destroy Me Like That Nah Fool Im Invisable

(in Another Part Of Bellwood)

Ernief Yes UltiVerse I Will Get Onto That

UltiVerse You Havent And You Havent Send Blue Goop To My Avtor

Ernief Ahhh Im Bored And Lazy

Ulti Im Outta Here

Ernief Why

Vilgax Pay Attenen Bellwood Heres Where Your Pathetic Hero Riters Laughs

Ernief Wow Vilgax Let Me

Ulti You Have No Weapons

Ernief Your Starting To Get Me Angry Ulti Go Away

Ulti Fine Im The Smart One And When You Run Into Trouble Gess What I Wont Be Here And I Wanted A Goop Brithday Cake

Ernief Oh Whats This A Magic Guy Talking Saying I Smell I Need Bo Well Hun Ahhhh

Vilgax Fools Then If You Wont Lisen To Me Sledge Come

Sledge Yes Thanks To Vilgax Here Im Finaly Free And Back Now Vilgax Lets Do It

Vilgax Destroy Ben 10

Sledge No Ben 10s A Baby Insteed Ernief

Ernief Oh No

Ben Ernie You Must Take This

Ernie Whatever

Ben Well

Ulti No He-

Ernie Get Out Of My Way

Ben Take This Now

Ernie Yes I Will (turns into Four Arms)

Four Arms Yes (smashes Ground)

Vilgax You Fool

Four Arms Time For (changers Into Echo Echo)

Echo Echo Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Vilgax Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Ernie That Was Easy He Was Like Noooooooooooooooooooo

Ulti Yes Ben Was So Stupid He Should Of Put The Omnitrix Back On

Ernie Why Ya Want It

Ulti Yes

Ernie Then Take It


Vilgax Sledge Laughs He Will Be Mine

The End

Plot Edit

As Ernief Goes Into The Plumbers Actmey He Sences Trouble



Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson (cameo Flashback)

Kevin (cameo Flashback)

Rook (cameo)






Aliens Used By BenEdit


Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Four Arms 

Echo Echo

Triva Edit

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