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Season 1, Episode 3
Time Truth
Air date 25 March 2015
Written by Matt Wayne & Len Uhley
Directed by Britta Johnstone
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Soon My Minuns
UltiVerse Wants Goop

Transcript Edit

Sledge Has Any One Got A Monster To Send Or Do I Have To Destroy You One By One

Vilgax Master Sledge

Sledge What Vilgax

Vilgax QP His A Strong Monster Let Him Take On The Team

Sledge U Go Vilgax You Go To

Ernief Ahhhh

StreetM Ernief You Have Not Seen Your Facebook Page Just Look At It

Ernief (reads It) I Hate Ernief

Ernief What The Ok Il Sort It Out

QP Bring On Ernief

Ernief It Will Have To Wait

QP Ahmand Hello

Ahmand Off The Planet

QP Uh No

Heatblast Then I Got A Score To Settle

Heatblast Give Up

QP Never

Heatblast (slashes QP) Ha What

Reo Laughs

Ernief You Are A Liar You Just Lied That You Hate Me

Reo Yes Because Im Really (goes into Fury)

Fury Laughs

Ernief Laugh All You Want Fury Where Is Reo

Fury Fools You Will Never Find Him

Ernief Lets See

Big Chill Freze

Fury Laughs

Big Chill (slashes Fury Then Trows Him Up On The Roof)

Fury Ha (trows Big Chill Down He Turns Back)

Ernief Ahhhhh

Fury Pathetic

Ernief You Will Not Win Street Go Find Reo Your Going Down

Fury Never

Ernief Thats It Super Mega Cann

Fury Easy

Ernief Fire


Ernief Ulti Said He Was Working On The Megaforce Blaster Lets Try It

Ahmand Owl

QP Let Me

Ernief Megaforce Blaster Lets Go

Street So Reo No


Ernief Oh Yeah You Fough You Could Stop Me No Reo Wasnt You Your So Foolish Now Lets Go

Fury Boooooooooooooooooooooo

Ernief Megaforce Blaster Fire


Fury Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(fury crashes into Sledges Ship)


QP Sledge

Ahmand And Your Next

QP No Im Not

Ernief Yes You Are Megaforce Blaster Fire


Fury Sledge They Defeated QP

Sledge And You GGGGGGGGGGGG Maxbeem now

QP Im Awsome

Ernief Megazord Time Now

StreetM Wow Cool

Reo Ive Got My Zord

Ahmand Me Too

Ernief Since Ulti Isnt Here To Join Me Il Finsh You Myself Ultra Slash

QP Ive Got This Behind My- Oh No


Ernief Final Well Mega Win

(back at the base)

Ernief We Have A New Weapon So Lets Use It Our Best To Defeat Sledge

Reo Guys Fury Kiddnapped Me Im Much Better Now But He Plans To Make A Megazord He Also Plans To Betray Sledge

Ernief Future

The End


StreetM Relives Reo Dosent Like Ernief As On Facebook So Ernief Tries To Sort This Out 



UltiVerse (cameo)




ATS (cameo)

Three (cameo)

Echoson (cameo)







Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Big Chill

Aliens Used By StreetMEdit

Four Arms

Aliens Used By AhmandEdit


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