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Season 2, Episode 37
Air date 8 June 2016
Written by Jim Peronto

Sam Lui Len Wein William Fouracres John Tellegen & Chip Lynn

Directed by Jonathan Brough
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Transcript Edit

ATS Laughs

Sci These Warriors Have Failed I Want More Echoson Has Just Got The Time Beast Megazord

ATS I Need The Vortex Open Yes

Sub Hun

Emac Ha

Sub You

Doga Ha

Blah Ha

Emac We Are The Warriors We Destroy Ernief

ATS You Were Trapped In The Vortex For........

Emac For 40000000 Years We Have Returned

Three Yes You 3 Are Super Warriors

Doga You Got That Right But Erniefs Destrcotion

ATS Blah Go And Destroy Ernief Now

Blah Yes

Ernief Ok Now Echoson Im Inving The Time Beast Weapon Soon It Will Be Reddy

ATS Sub The Vortex

Sub Get More Power

Blah Ha Come My Foolishness Minuns

Ernief A Attack Lets Go

Blah Ha

Ernief Who Are You

Blah A Warrior Since Tharnsot Brandon Brywarrior And Estew Failed I Will Destroy You But Dont Worry Its Time To Die




Blah Yes Down

Ernief My Turn Silver Blade

Blah What

ATS Yes At Last What


Bluefur Were Curshing This Party

Bigs GiveUs The Vortex Now

ATS Never You Are Baby Show Charcters Now Back Off

Bigs Ha


Sub Ha

Blah Ha

Ernief What Do You Want

Blah The Planet And Its Humans To Be Destroyed

Ernief That Will Never Happen


Echoson Time Beast Slash


Blah Ugh..............

Ernief No

Blah Ugh

ATS No Echoson That Fool Has Destroyed Blah

Blah Big Form

Blah Ha

Echoson The Fun Part Time Beast Megazord

Ernief Swampfire Megazord

Swampfire & Echoson Commbind

Blah Impossable Teamwork Is So Pathetic


Swampfire Ha


Echoson Ha


Swampfire Final Strike


Blah Laughs.....................Its Only Up To You And Me Old

Echoson Old This


Malkor Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Emac ATS Blah Was A Idiot Dont Worry Next Time It Will Be Fun

Bigs Ugh

Bluefur No

Emac Hello Bigs & Bluefur Captured In Our Power

Malkor Yes We Need To Find Bigs And Bluefur

The End


Malkor Has Bigs And Bluefur Attack ATS ATS Revorts The Ultra Users User:SuperBlahBlah User:Dioga beta And The Leadder User:Ermac27 The 3 Warriors Destroy Ernief And His Teams Base And Destroy Ther Megazord But Another Warrior Called User:Wolfman55 Arrives To Take Ernief On





Sledge (flashback)

Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

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