Toilet Paper Problem

Squad C was in a forest. Ultimate Echo Echo was dancing around. 'Ultimate Echo Echo! No dancing on the job!' Wai shouted to UEE. 'I can't help it. I have to use a toilet.' UEE said. 'We're miles from any civilazation. How could you possibily find a toilet?' asked Roads. 'I don't know. I just have to use a toilet!' said UEE. 'Than go somewhere else.' said Rocket. "Chill, guys.' Weirdo said. 'If Ultimate needs a toilet we can make him one. Am I right?' 'Yeah!' UEE said. 'Whatever. Just stop his dancing!' Wai said. Squad C made UEE a toilet, but then another problem came up. 'I don't have toilet paper! How can I use a toilet without toilet paper!?' 'WHAT!? Why didn't you think of this before!?' 'Relax, guys.' Weirdo said. 'If we can make a toilet, than surely we can make toilet paper.''Thankyou, Weirdo.' UEE said. But it was harder than it looked to find toilet paper. Roads tried to make toilet paper out of pixels. 'Too hard.' UEE said. Roads tried to make some out of goo. 'Too gooey.' said UEE. Darts were too pointy. Ice was too cold, and fire was too hot. 'WHY DON'T WE JUST USE LEAVES!?!?!' Weirdo screamed. 'Genius.' UEE said. So Weirdo got some leaves. When he brought up the leaves, UEE looked pale. 'Umm... Actually...' he said. 'Now, I don't have to go.'


End of Short #3!

An ou ead his?? 16:55, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

(Short by Levin RATH)

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