Squad AEdit

  1. Jakey Wakey (Leader; AKA Jake; Original name ET)
  2. Solo
  3. Brian
  4. Dan (AKA Dbash)
  5. Omi
  6. Tyran
  7. Ancy

Squad BEdit

  1. Bink (Leader)
  2. Harvett (Originally UH)
  3. Blaze (Original name Fusion)
  4. Mazter (An Opticoid, later changed to an alien of his choice)
  5. Snuggie (Originally Lumin)
  6. Redo

Squad CEdit

  1. Wai (Leader)
  2. Roads
  3. Rocket
  4. Hunter Kane (Originally Kross)
  5. Ultimate Echo Echo
  6. Weirdo


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