Omni-Con is the BTFB equivilant of Fanon Con from BTFF. Inspired by Fanon Con and based on Comic Con, Omni Con is here to give away spoilers and talk to your fan about your series.

Just create your page with /(yourname) and add your spoilers. I'll inspect each submission and then do the rest. I'll alert you all through your message walls when Omni Con begins and I'll give you a link to your stall (page).

Eevee PC Eevee Eevee RB 13:28, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

PS. I mentioned "stalls" above. I better explain those to you.

There will be a page called Omni Con, to be created later. It will have tabs on it and those tabs will have your submissions. These tabs will be known as your stalls and they will have your spoilers, then a section for people to ask questions.

PPS. Please leave a comment saying you've left a submission and if you've used a different name (for example, me using ET instead of Evolved To'kustar) please put that in the comment. Also, if you are an IP, feel free to just change your name to the name of your series.

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