Ultimate Way Big
General Information
Species Evolved To'kustar
Home World Cosmic Storms
Body Humanoid
Devolved Form Way Big
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Speed
Super Strength
Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Disks
First Appearance The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2

Ultimate Way Big is the evolved form of Way Big.


He is similar to Way Big but the black color changes to blue and has 2 new "horns" in the left and right of his original horn on top of his head.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ultimate Way Big is super powerful. He is way larger and stronger than regular Way Big. He has super speed, flight, super strength and can shoot extremely powerful cosmic rays and can now even shoot cosmic disks.


Like regular Way Big, his size can give mobility issue. He is also extremely weak to acid.


Ben 10: MEGA AlienEdit

In Way Big Problem, Albedo releases Ultimate Way Big's slowly growing DNA amd attempts to convince it to work alongside him.

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