Ultimate Upgrade
Ult. upgrade
Species: Evolved Galvanic Mechamorph
Home planet: Galvan B
Body type: Humanoid/Blob
Abilities: Read Powers
1st appearance: Twin

Ultimate Upgrade is an alien in Noah 10.


He looks about the same as normal Upgrade, but with a Goop shaped head, arms, and feet. His line pattern is rearranged.


He still retains the abilities to fire energy beams, shapeshift, and possess technology. He can now Transform into any device like Ship, fly, create energy weapons with his hands, and phase through technology. He also has a new power called "Electric Bombs". Electric Bombs are orbs of energy with electricity orbiting it that does high damage and causes a big explosion.


If he's charging an electric bomb and is shot with water, he will short out.

File:Ult uppygrade.png

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