Ultimate Rath
Ultimate Rath BTUAM
Ultimate Rath by ET and Brian

Body Type:

Bipedal Tiger


Super Strength, Enhanced Speed, Super Agility, Energy Beams, Transformation, Sonic Roar, Sharp Tail Stinger, Strong Tail


The Rise of Purpunite

Devolved Form:


Evolved Form:


Ultimate Rath is an Ultimate form of the canon alien Rath in BTUAM. He will appear during BTUAM's 3rd season after the Main Antagonist causes for Ben to lose a whole bunch of his aliens.


Ultimate Rath looks like regular Rath. He has grown to be 15 ft tall. Other additions is that he has changed to be maroon in colour and has white stripes as well as black nails, two white retractable claws, a goatee and a tail.


The evolved form of Rath has brand new powers including Super Strength, Super Agility, Energy Beams, Transformation, Sharp Claws, Sharp Tail Stinger and Strong Tail. Rath can transform into a tiger form where he stands on all fours and gains enhanced speed.


He makes his debut in The Rise of Purpunite.

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