Ultimate Hopefull
Ultimate Hopefull
Species: Evolved Opeernius
Home planet: Decadilio
Body type: Android-like slime
Abilities: Shooting sludge, Super Strength, Flight
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Ultimate Hopefull is the ultimate form of Hopefull. He is an alien set to appear in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX.


Ultimate Hopefull looks like a robotic body of blue sludge. He has stick-like arms with ball hands attached at the end.


Ultimate Hopefull can shoot shoots of sludge as Water Hazard can shoot a shoot of water. He also has super strength and can fly.


Ultimate Hopefull has four main weaknesses. His sight is not very good anymore either is his smell (he has no nose) and he is still unintelligent. His fourth weakness is that he can easily be knocked down.


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