Ultimate FuzzBall
Ultimate FuzzBall 2
Ultimate FuzzBall draft

First Appearance:

The End, Part 1

Devolved Form:


*Note: If anyone can make an image of him there is a rough copy in his info-box

Ultimate FuzzBall is the ultimate form of FuzzBall. He makes his first appearance in The End, Part 1.


Ultimate FuzzBall has FuzzBalls head but has evolved to have organic robotic body parts. He has an organic jetpack equipped also


Shorts and CrossoversEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

FuzzBall is now a superstrengthed and super fast robotic cat alien. When he talks he grunts like a pig. He can still intake debris but instead of growing the debris is used to fuel his organic jetpack. FuzzBall's now 8 ft tall and the green tip of his tail absorbs dust and debris which then converts into fuel for his organic jetpack. Ultimate FuzzBall can fly with enhanced speed and is also extremely strong. Strong enough to send Vulkanus into a lake with one head butt. When Ultimate FuzzBall flies fast a helmet comes out of his body. There are also holes in the bottom of his boots that absorb things from the ground when he walks. Ultimate FuzzBall also snorts when he talks. Ultimate FuzzBall can also shoot fire from his hands.

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