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Season 2, Episode 32
Air date 1 May 2016
Written by Greg Jaz
Directed by Greg Aronowitz
Episode Guide
Attack Of The Base Part 2
One Wallk Down One Street Down


UltiVerse Is Kiddnapped By Echoson Who Is Now Battling ATS For The Adrim On BTFF Sci & Sub Come And Relize ATS Is A Powerful Apont And They Set Him Lose On Ernief Meanwhile Bigs And Bluefur Find A Weapon That Can Drain ATS's Powers  

Transcript Edit

ATS Laughs Now That Three And Echoson Prove Emself Usefull Do I

Sci No You Havent Done Anything Your A Idiot Who Needs More Power

ATS Ugh Fine I Will

Bigs I Knew Something That Can Drain ATS And His Warriors Powers This

Bluefur Soon It Will Begin

ATS Ugh Nbjammer Ha Pat I Remain You Ha

Pat Yes Im Here

ATS I Want You To Destroy Ernief I Am Going To Find More Power

Pat Consider It Done

Ernief Ok Heres The Plan I Need You Guys To Get More Power

Reo We Cant

Ernief Yeah I Know

ATS Ahhhhh Yes The Sorch Torch

Bigs There He Is


Three Fool ATS You Were Being Spyed By These Kid Show Made Up Fools

Echoson Let Me

ATS Destroy Them (leaves)

Three You Idiots Are Going To Regreat Showing Your Faces Near Our Master ATS Again

Bigs Now

(the Manchine Absorbs The 2 Users Powers)

Bigs Bye

ATS Ha Here It Is

Bluefur Supprise Now Buddy

Bigs Ha

(the manchine absorbs ATS Powers)


Three Ugh

Echo Ugh

Bigs We Have Some Of Your Powers

Bluefur Thanks Idiots

ATS You Are Going To Pay For This

Bluefur Yeah Right (leaves)

ATS You 2 Destroy The City

Pat Ha

Reo Like I Said 1 Villian 1 Strike

Pat Ha

Reo Strike


ATS Fools Sub Make Him Big

Sub Yes Sir Big Form

Pat Ha

Reo Supermode Super Megazord

Reo You Will Never Hurt Anyone Again


Ernief Yes Finaly

ATS You 2 Are-

Sub Three Echo You Gain The Badges Of Thurst

ATS We Lost Our Awsome Power Bigs Has It

Sub What

The End












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