Ben 10: MEGA Alien
Season 1, Episode 9
Written by ET
Directed by ET
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Trial Run is the ninth episode of Ben 10: MEGA Alien.


The Plumbers Academy from Press Conference returns. Ben, Gwen and Kevin must test it out to make sure everything is in order before it is opened for the public. Soon they find out that someone is rigging the tests... Will they make it out alive?


It was a cold night, Ben was lying in bed wrapped in his bed sheets. Outside his bedroom the wind began to pick up, getting wilder and wilder. The trees were swaying from the wind, their leaves and branches falling off from the pressure. The wind was beginning to circle around the ground, growing higher and more visible. As though a tornado was growing. Then, the wind got so powerful that it snapped a huge branch off a tree and sent it flying right through Ben's window. Ben jumped out of his bed.

'What was that?' he shouted. He heard the wind outside and noticed a strange light coming from it. Ben scrolled through the MEGATRIX II until he found the ChamAlien hologram, then he pressed down on it. As ChamAlien, he became invisible and climbed through the window and up the side of his house. He could see what was causing the powerful winds and the weird light. A spaceship. ChamAlien remained invisible but sat perched on his roof. The spaceship landed and Tetrax walked out. ChamAlien became visible again.

'Tetrax?' he asked.

'Ben!' Tetrax said. ChamAlien jumped off the house and landed beside Tetrax.

'What's up?' ChamAlien asked, calmly.

'Well, since I have become an official Plumber, I was at a meeting. The Bellwood Plumbers Academy was brought up' Tetrax explained. 'They believe that it should be tested by the most advanced humans around, which would be you, Gwen and Kevin. So I came to let you know that tomorrow, you and your friends will be required to be at the academy to trial it and make sure that there are no errors. A few intergalactic Plumbers will be there too.'

While Ben listened he watched the wind around Bellwood. That landing had really messed up the weather. Small tornadoes were breaking out all over the town. Luckily they would be easy to handle.

'No problem' Ben told Tetrax. Tetrax walked back to his ship while Ben climbed through his window. He transformed to his human form, then walked over to his desk. He found a goo and put his finger tip into it, then rubbed the goo onto the broken window. Instantly, the window was repaired. Ben smiled as he climbed back into his bed.

The next morning Ben awoke and drove straight to Gwen's house. Luckily that night Kevin was spending the night at Gwen's house, they didn't need to do any extra travelling.

'Would you like some breakfast?' Frank asked.

'Some toast would be good' Ben said, appreciatingly to his uncle. Frank walked over to the toaster and popped two slices of bread into it. A minute later they shot out and he began spreading butter over it. 'Thanks uncle Frank.' Ben and Kevin sat on the couch while Gwen was getting ready in the bathroom. Kevin was ecstatic that they were being chosen to go trial the new academy.

'Ben, do you even understand what kind of equipment they have there?' Kevin asked.

'Can't be anything as good as the Ultimatrix' Ben shrugged.

'The MEGATRIX, Ben' Kevin corrected. Ben took a few seconds to realise he had messed up his words.

'Right, can't be anything better than the MEGATRIX II' Ben said.

'Well have you ever heard of Mechamorph Armor?' Kevin asked. Ben shrugged. 'Mechamorph Armor is something so advanced that even the Weaponmasters of Techadon couldn't master it. And the creator of it... is Azmuth' Kevin explained.

'Azmuth? But the Weaponmasters figured out the secrets of the Ultimatrix in five seconds, how could they not be more advanced than Azmuth?' Ben asked.

'Azmuth kept the codes at a lower pace for you, Ben. He wanted to help you learn to use it' Kevin answered. 'Anyway, the Mechamorph Armor. It is a small cube that when someone activates it, it shoots over them and transforms them into a Galvanic Mechamorph.'

'An Upgrade? What's so good about that? I use Upgrade all the time-'

'And you don't realise his potential' Kevin said, bowing his head. Ben thought about it for a second. 'Galvanic Mechamorph are super powerful. They can alter their bodies to anything. They have super strength, super agility and so much more!' Kevin began boasting. 'And I'm going to become one today!' Then Gwen walked out. She was in sporty gear. She has a singlet on and shorts.

'You know, we should get changed into something more mobile, shouldn't we?' Ben asked Kevin.

'Yah' Kevin answered. Gwen sighed and facepalmed.

'Fine guys, I have clothes for you each in my room, laid out on my bed. I saw this coming' she complained. Ben and Kevin walked off to Gwen's room. She was right, Ben's green singlet and black pants were laid out on her bed beside Kevin's grey singlet top and blue pants. Ben slipped off his tight jacket and shirt and put on his singlet while Kevin took off his long sleeved shirt.

'She must be pyschic' Ben said. He slipped off his jeans and put on his pants, followed by Kevin.

'Or maybe she saw me walk out in my jeans and realised that we were going to be unprepared?' Kevin said. He slipped off his shoes and put on a pair of flats.

'True' Ben said. The two of them walked out.

'Ready?' Gwen asked.

'Ready' they answered.

They were stopped out the front of the brand new academy. It was so bright, so new. So breakable. And they were the ones who were going to break it. Kevin was literally glowing. Gwen looked over at him.

'Kevin, it's over. I'm sure that you will be happier with that Mechamorph armor' she said, sarcastically. Ben shook his head at them, stroked his goatee and then proceeded towards the door. He walked up to it and the door just disappeared into thin air. Ben walked through and then the door reappeared behind him. Gwen and Kevin realised that Ben had left them and they ran to catch up.

The inside was gigantic. As Ben stepped he heard each and every sound. Clop, his foot echoing. Ding, his foot lifting from the floor. Scrape, his feet dragging along. Then he heard the loud sounds as Gwen and Kevin ran over to him.

'So, where are we heading?' Ben asked.

'To the dormatories to meet Magister Minto, a Merlinisapien Plumber' Gwen answered. They headed in that direction. They walked on for a while before they found a sign saying "DORMATORIES", they followed it. Ben looked around the empty dormatories. Then something jumped off the roof and dove at them.

'Ben! Gwen! Kevin! Welcome, I am Magister Minto. So, are you three ready to start trialing all the courses?' the Magister asked. The three looked at each other, then Ben shrugged.

'Eh, maybe a few days' he said. Minto's face dropped.

'But, Ben, the course is due to open tomorrow' he said. Ben, Gwen and Kevin laughed. Gwen put her hand on his shoulder.

'It's okay, we're ready now.'

'Great' Minto said, lightening up. 'ERMAC! ROB!' he suddenly shouted. Kevin jumped when Minto began shouting. A Sonorosian and Splixson walked in. Minto pointed to the Sonorosian, 'this is Ermac.' Then to the Splixson, 'this is Rob.' They all exchanged hellos, Rob was a little snobby. 'They will be assisting you three throughout the courses.' With that, they were off.

Course One

Course One happened to be a running track. It was a long treadmill, about 20 ks long, with obstacles shooting from above, below and the sides. There were five of them, all side-by-side. Minto followed them through.

'So, this first course here is a durability course' Minto began explaining. 'Basically they are super long treadmills. What you must do is run to the end and manage to contain the enemy at the end and stay alive long enough to get to the end' Minto said coldly. 'Ready?' he asked.

'Ready' they all said.

'Please step up onto the platform' he instructed. They each walked up a few steps onto a platform. Minto pressed a button on his remote and the treadmills below began moving. 'Begin!' Everyone jumped off their platforms and onto the treadmills below.

Kevin absorbed the materials from the treadmill through his feet. Almost immediately the treadmill began creating obstacles. A lump grew out of it and began charging for Kevin. He grew his hand into a hammer and whacked it right in the face. Then shots began being fired from the sides and above and below and obstacles continued to grow.

Gwen didn't jump down, she created a mana slide and slid down it. An Arachnachimp climbed out from above her and began to attack, but she created a ball of mana and threw it at the Arachnachimp. She was too busy looking up to notice what was going on beneath her, a pair of high heeled boots had grown out of the ground and onto her feet. Gwen struggled to run and was getting pushed backwards more and more. Soon she would fall off. Then came her opportunity. She could sense that the floor infront of her was becoming mud. She ran into it and jumped right out of the boots. Feeling successful, Gwen began creating mana shields around her to stop the shots hitting her.

Ben jumped and ducked and fought while he scrolled through the MEGATRIX.

'XLR8 is just right for this job' he said. As he scrolled through, he noticed a familiar hologram. Fasttrack. Ben began thinking about it. 'Okay, no matter how much I love XLR8, Fasttrack would be better for this scenario. XLR8 slides around, by the time a lump shot out from the floor it would be too late for me to lift my legs.' Ben pressed down on the newly unlocked hologram.

The sides of his face began growing out. He began to get thinner and lose his muscular appearance. His arms grew spikes of hair, followed by his legs.

'Fasttrack!' he shouted. As Fasttrack, Ben used his super speed. He lifted his legs high enough to get over lumps. Then he came to a huge lump. Fasttrack jumped as high as he could, but when he realised the lump was just growing bigger and bigger, it was too late. He crashed right into it. Slowly, he began sliding down on his back. Ben rubbed his head as he got pushed further and further along the course.

'Let's have another go at this' Ben said. He ran all the way to the back of the treadmill, then turned sharply and ran as fast as he could. He approached the lump and began leaning forwards as he ran faster and faster. Soon he started running upright along the lump, but it was hard for him. As soon as he had gotten upright he was falling back down. Fasttrack dug his hands into the grooves in the treadmill. Quickly, he began climbing it. When the treadmill began moving backwards faster than he could climb forwards, he boost himself into the air. As he floated there, he transformed.

'Eatle!' Eatle began falling towards the lump. He opened his jaw as wide as he could and began chomping down on it as he fell. Soon the entire lump had disappeared and Eatle's horn was glowing bright green, ready to aim and fire. He ran along the treadmill. Each time a lump appeared he would give it a blast from his horn. Finally, he could see the end of the treadmill. Eatle put his head down and began charging to the end. Bang. He was there.

'Finally!' he shouted. A small glob-like alien was waiting for him at the end of the course. It was a Polymorph. 'I know just how to deal with you' Eatle told the Polymorp. He hit the MEGATRIX on his chest and became Heatblast. As Heatblast he began shooting fire at the Polymorph, hoping to cause it to dissolve or pass out. But these wouldn't pass out. They were Polymorph Trainers - a device that looks like a Polymorph and acts like a Polymorph but isn't living. It is just a machine made to train on and it would only stop when it was killed. Heatblast began charging up a huge blast of fire in his two hands, then he threw it at the Polymorph. The Polymorph began dissolving into the fire until it just disappeared from existence. Then Heatblast ran onto the platform at the end of the treadmill and hit the only button there: "END".

His treadmill stopped moving and he collapsed onto it from dizziness. Soon after, he heard Ermac's treadmill shut down, then Kevin's.

'Here comes Gwen' he said to himself. There was definitely a noise from her, but it wasn't her treadmill. Gwen screamed loudly. Heatblast jumped up and saw that her Polymorph Trainer had somehow merged with the treadmill and was attacking her. It wrapped her up and the other part of it was shooting at her and hitting her. Heatblast, Kevin and Ermac all ran over and began fighting it.

'Guys, keep it from hurting her while I stop it' Ben instructed. He hit the MEGATRIX II on his chest and transformed. 'Jury Rigg!' he shouted. As Jury Rigg, Ben jumped onto the treadmill and began digging around in it. He pulled apart a few wires, then began connecting random things together.

'Fix, fix, fix, fix, fix!' he kept repeating. Then he stopped. The Polymorph disappeared and the treadmill stopped attacking Gwen. She managed to wipe herself clean and run to the platform. Finally, Rob finished. Minto walked out from a room above them.

'Congratulations everyone! I was watching each of you from a viewing room above. I'm very sorry to see what happened to you Gwen but it looks like Ben fixed your situation. But, just to be safe we will keep it shut down and have engineers around to fix it. Are you all ready to move along to the second course?'

'Yeah' Ben, Kevin and Ermac said. Gwen stayed quiet for a few more seconds before agreeing. Rob was against it.

Course Two

They all walked over to the next course. All that was visible was a small pond, then a long muddy trail with weeds growing out of it, then another pond at the other end. There were two visible objects above the mud in the middle though. Minto walked in front of everyone and stopped, then turned to face them and explain.

'Welcome to Course Two. This Course is all about skill, mind control, judgement and perseverance. It involves bombs and--' Minto began explaining before being interrupted.

'Could I please go to the bathroom before you continue the explanation?' Rob asked. He ran off to the dorms. When he returned, Minto continued the explanation immediately.

'You will have to swim through the extremely long underwater lake, retrieve the two bombs resting in the middle of the lake and then take them to the other end to disarm them.' Kevin grinned at how easy it would be for him to disarm it. 'Ready?' Minto asked. They all nodded. 'Please step into the edge of the lake' Minto instructed. They all listened.

'Wait, how are we going to last under there for so long?' Gwen asked. Minto pulled out a box of mouthguards. They each put them in.

'Ectonurite Mouthguards: they allow you to breath in any circumstances' Kevin explained.

'3, 2, 1.. Begin!' Minto shouted.

Ben dove into the water, followed by Gwen, Kevin, Ermac and finally Rob. Ben's shoes began to cause him to sink, but he needed to persevere. Luckily he had worn a light singlet and pants. They were all swimming through when a group of Pisciss Volann appeared. Gwen swam ahead of everyone. She created a window of mana and pushed it. The window began pushing the Pisciss Volann but as more were adding to the group she struggled. Ben's hands lit up with mana and he helped push the window further. Kevin absorbed part of the mana and merged with the window, pushing it along as he swam. It still wasn't enough. Rob cloned and began manually pushing the window. Ermac took in a deep breath, pulled out his mouth guard, cloned and screamed. The window began flying then. It threw the Pisciss Volann so far until Ben and Gwen couldn't control it anymore. They smiled at Ermac as he put his mouthguard back on, then they swam over to catch up to Kevin and Rob.

'Thanks' Ben said as they swam. When they got there, Kevin was slowly sinking and Rob was floating around, panicked.

'GUYS! Something happened to Kevin's mouthguard, it just shattered! Help him!' Rob demanded.

'KEVIN!' Gwen and Ben shouted. They began swimming down to him. Ben didn't like Rob's attitude so he "accidentally" kicked Rob as he swam down. They realised there was a third person beside them, Ermac. Ben and Gwen caught Kevin before he sank any deeper, then Ermac cloned and took the mouthguard out of his clones mouth and put it into Kevin's.

'Ah!' Kevin shouted as he regained consciousness. They quickly began swimming upwards.

'What happened?' Ben asked.

'I don't know, I just remember a pain in the back of my head, then realising I couldn't breath' Kevin answered.

'Guys, we've got to find Kevin another source of air. That mouthguard is just a clone of mine, it won't last much longer' Ermac said. Just then a little fish began swimming past. Kevin grabbed it and put it over his head.

'Ah, better' he said. The five of them regrouped.

'Okay, we need to use our judgement skills to find the two bombs' Gwen said. 'The stuff above us is mud, so we can't see through it to find them, it's too thick.'

'Maybe Ermac could use his sonic screams to find them?' Ben pitched.

'That could cause them to explode' Kevin answered.

'We're just going to need to use our navigation skills' Ermac said. He looked to the end where they entered the water, then to the other end. Gwen, Ben and Kevin all copied.

'I'd say we still have a bit to go' Kevin said. Gwen and Ermac agreed.

'About 500 meters' Ben added. They all began swimming again. Rob was being very silent, uncooperative. Gwen began grunting as she swam.

'Are you okay?' Kevin asked.

'Yeah, my muscles are beginning to cramp up' she complained.

'Remember, this is about perseverance' Ben said.

'We have to push on' Ermac added. They continued swimming until Ben stopped. 'Up here?' Ermac asked. Ben nodded.

'It doesn't look like we are exactly in the middle' Gwen said.

'That's the point. We have to dig our way through the mud, if we hit the bombs they could blow us to bits' Ben pointed out. With that they all began swimming upwards.

'So, who's up to dig?' Kevin asked. They all looked at Rob. He sighed but did it. Kevin morphed his arms into shovels and joined. Within a few seconds they were up and out of the mud. Gwen, Ben and Ermac climbed out after them.

'You were right, Ben' Gwen said. The bombs were a few meters away.

'Uhhh, guys' Kevin said. 'It's only got 10 seconds left.'

'What?' Gwen shouted. 'Even with the time we wasted, we should have had at least a good minute left!'

'GUYS! We can't argue about this. Kevin, can you disarm it?' Ben asked.

'Not enough time.' Even then it was at 5 seconds. Ben quickly activated the MEGATRIX II and transformed into Surprise Alien. He grabbed the bombs and dove underwater, away from everyone else. He put them out away from himself and then held out his hands. His hands and eyes began glowing, so did the bombs. He was using his technokinesis to disarm them. Then he dropped them and swam back out.

'Guys, I've gotten an extra 5 seconds out of them, I'm going to have to swim out and ditch them' Ben said. He dove back under, grabbed the bombs and began swimming with super speed. He got to the end of the course in three seconds flat, used his technokinesis to make them levitate, then threw them about 500 meters into the air. They blew up right there, at the 500 meter mark. Ben looked over at Gwen, Kevin, Ermac and Rob. They were running over to him on Gwen's mana platforms. They couldn't run through the mud unless they wanted to get bogged and break their ankles.

Ben dove under the water, swam beneath them, rose back up and grabbed Rob and Ermac, then he swam back to the other end with them. After he put them out of the water he swam back over and grabbed Gwen and Kevin. Once they all got out of the water he transformed back to Ben.

'That was a close one' he said, exhausted. Minto appeared out of nowhere.

'Oh god!' he shouted. 'Are you five okay? Those bombs originally contained laughing gas, that way if you didn't make it you would just end up laughing. No one is injured?'

'No, we're all good' Gwen reassured. Minto spent a few minutes shaking his head.

'I guess we should move on?' he asked.

'That would be good' Ben said.

Course Three

Everyone was squashed into a small room. Minto was pressed up against a wall. He cleared his throat, getting prepared to explain the third course.

'Welcome, everyone, to the third course. This is the weapons course. You will each be asked to choose two weapons and a partner and battle. Someone will be asked to stay behind and battle Ben later on, due to having an odd number of members in the group. Rob, would you like to stay back and watch?'

'Meh' Rob shrugged. Minto pulled out a remote and pushed the button. The wall behind him opened and everyone sprawled out into a huge room. They managed to lift themselves up and clean themselves off. Kevin looked around for the one object he needed to use - Mechamorph Armor. He found it. Kevin ran to the Mechamorph Armor and grabbed the box immediately.

'Well, I guess everyone should choose their weapons' Minto said, confused. Everyone ran out to choose. Gwen grabbed a spell book and a staff. Ermac grabbed a sword and shield while Ben grabbed an Energy Ball.

'Tennyson!' Kevin shouted, commanding for Ben to battle him. Ben walked over. Once the two were two meters apart, the outline of a box appeared around them. Then the floor began rising from the outline, growing into an arena. Gwen and Ermac stepped closer to each other and an arena grew around them.

'Ready: 3, 2, 1, GO!' Minto shouted. Gwen flicked open the book and read out the first spell she saw.

'Juventis!' she shouted. Ben burst out laughing at the name.

'That's the name of an Italian soccer team' he said, patting his legs as he laughed at the oddly named spell. Gwen held out the staff and a beam shot out of it. The beam hit Ermac and he became a younger version of himself.

'Juventis, a spell to transform someone into a juvenile' Gwen said to herself, just figuring out the reason for the name. She flicked through again and found another spell. 'Cryo-Expectorium-Perpetuous!' she shouted. A grey cloud of mist began to form from the mouth of the staff and it slowly grew into a tornado. Inside the tornado there were small and sharp ice shards. They began to fling at Ermac. He quickly held up the shield, stopping any of the ice from piercing his body. Then he flickd a switch on his sword and held it out in front of him. As the ice hit the sword, the sword began to merge with the ice. Gwen's spell ended and Ermac quickly put the sword in his mouth. Then, with a deep breath, he let out the loudest scream, shooting the ice from the sword at Gwen. She quickly drew a circle over her with the staff.

Kevin quickly flicked around the Mechamorph Armor and pressed down on a button. The box melted into goo, then jumped over Kevin, transforming him into a black, blue and white Mechamorph. Kevin pressed his hands together and began charging up an energy beam to blast at Ben.

'Heh, piece of cake' Ben laughed. He scratched his goatee, then put his hand beneath the Energy Ball so that he was not touching it but was able to move it through the air. He held it to the top left of him, then dragged it down to his right foot. The Energy Ball morphed into a blue sphere, protecting Ben. While Ben had protection from Kevin he began scrolling through the MEGATRIX. As he was looking for the alien he wanted, he heard a loud bang. He looked out of the sphere and saw Kevin, pressed up against the force field that the energy ball had made. In a hurry, Ben announced the name of the first alien he thought of that was in the category of aliens he needed.

'AmpFibian!' there was a flash of green light as Ben was transformed. He absorbed the Energy Ball, causing for Kevin to flop to the ground. From there Ben held out a tentacle and shocked his friend. A milli-second before the electricity hit him, Kevin morphed into a weird suit. The electricity flowed through his body and then disappeared. Kevin got up and laughed, then held out his hand and a hockey puck dropped out of it, then a hockey stick grew out of it. He pulled back his arm and pushed it forward, hitting the puck towards Ben. Ben became intangible, but then saw that the puck was charged with the electricity that Ben had shot at Kevin. 'Ohhhh puck!' he shouted. The puck hit intangible AmpFibian and shocked him to the ground.

'YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?' Kevin began shouted as he approached Ben who had just transformed back to Human. Ben quickly began splitting the Energy Ball into small energy beams and shot them at Kevin, slightly pushing him backwards.

'Buzzshock!' Ben quickly shouted before Kevin could get close enough to stomp on him. Buzzshock checked out his body, then slowly sank through the arena floor. Kevin looked around from Buzzshock but there was no sign of him until Ben reappeared with three clones and they began sonic screaming. Kevin's armor absorbed back into his skin, leaving him looking like a regular blue Mechamorph.

'OW!' Kevin shouted, aggressively. Buzzshock took his chance and quickly sent electrical bolts through Kevin's body until the Mechamorph Armor crawled off of his body and into a box.

There were five juvenile Sonorosians surrounding Gwen.

'Contego!' she shouted. The staff created five diamond shapes and they all shot out, killing Ermacs clones and leaving just him standing. Ermac opened his mouth to scream at her, but no sounds came out. Gwen straightened her eyes and stared at Ermac coldly. Then she dropped her staff and spell book.

'Good fight' she said. Ermac smiled. A tube opened beneath Gwen, Kevin and Ermac and put them onto the sidelines. The two arenas began moving closer to each other and forming one huge arena.

'Rob, would you like to pick out your weapons?' Minto asked. Rob walked out to the weapons and pulled off two sashes that held 8 grenades in total.

'These are all filled with laughing gas, right?' Rob asked. Minto nodded. Then Rob grabbed a trident. Now that he had chosen his two weapons it was time for the final battle. He entered the arena.

'Ready? 3, 2, 1, GO!' Minto announced. Ben created a wall with the Energy Ball, then pushed it at Rob. It hit Rob, splatting him against it. But, the parts of him that splattered grew into clones and charged at Ben. In a rush, Ben hit down on the first hologram he found.

'Fasttrack!' Fasttrack ran to the other side of the arena, then he ran back to the other side and continued to repeat this until you couldn't find him but only his blue and black trail. The trail began to rise into the air and form a tornado, sucking up Rob and his clones. In a rush, Rob grabbed the first laughing grenade on him and threw it. It exploded as soon as it hit the trail and Ben fell to the ground in hysterics.

'Quick!' Rob shouted to his clones. They all began jumping on Ben. Ben struggled beneath them but couldn't lift himself while he was laughing. He hit down on the MEGATRIX and the transformation sent them all sprawling. When the flash cleared, there was nothing replacing Ben except for thin air. Everything was silent until one of Rob's clones screamed and a long, thin gash appeared on his arm. All the others screamed shortly after as a gash appeared on their skin too.

'This is ridiculous!' Rob told himself. He grabbed a grenade and threw it into the air, expecting for it to explode and make Ben start laughing from where he was. But it didn't. Instead, the grenade exploded and the smoke revealed ChamAlien standing in shock. 'DAMN! I threw the wrong grenade!' Rob shouted. Then he threw his hand onto his mouth, realizing he had just let everyone know that he had intentionally put real grenades on the sash. Quickly, he pulled out all the pins and threw the sashes at Ben.

'Waaah!' Ben shouted in confusion. Quickly, Kevin threw on the Mechamorph Armor and merged with the grenades. His body inflated like a balloon and released a whole bunch of smoke. Using this as a distraction, Rob quickly ran off of the arena and headed for the door.

'Eh-hm!' Gwen cleared her throat. As Rob ran he hit the air and fell onto his back. While he was on his back, he saw that Ermac was flying above him and trapped him in a sound cage. Gwen walked over. 'You're the one who has been rigging the courses!' Rob spat at her through the sound cage. Kevin, Ben and Minto all ran over. Kevin pushed his gooey hand through the cage and punched Rob across the face, knocking him out.

When Rob awoke, he was tied to a chair in a small interogation room. A spotlight was shining in his face. Minto appeared from the shadows.

'How'd you do it?' he asked. Rob spat at Minto, just like he did to Gwen. Minto just laughed and wiped the spit away. 'Well, it would be a shame if all the air in this room got cut off.' Rob's eyes widened. 'So, how'd you do it?' Rob cleared his throat.

'Well, at Course One I sent out a clone as soon as we got there. It ran to the treadmill that I definitely wasn't going to be on and began making modifications to the trainer while it was perched on the treadmill.
At Course Two, I went to the Dorms and grabbed the camo-form from under the first bed I found and I swam out to the pond, rigged the bombs and came back.
At Course Three I waited until everyone was distracted, switched the laughing grenades with regular grenades and left a few as regular. I was going to pretend that they were explosives and I had no idea what was going on' Rob explained. Minto nodded, taking it all in.

'Just one question: Why?'

'Because, Ermac was blackmailing me. I was about to get a girlfriend and he was threatening to tell everyone.' Ermac, Ben, Gwen, Kevin and an alien resembling a rat walked out of the shadows. The alien had a name tag saying "Major Brian." Ermac punched Rob across the face.

'I DID NOT BLACKMAIL YOU!' Want to hear the true story?' Ermac asked. Minto nodded:

'Sure, couldn't hurt.'

'Well, this morning when we were in the dorms Rob and I were talking. You were just outside and Rob announced to me that there was a special lady he would like to ask to be his girlfriend. I acknowledged the fact that this was big news and that you were right outside so I asked him if he was going to tell you or if he would like for me to tell you. Apparently I said this in some weird tone because he got all scared and asked me if I was trying to force him into doing anything bad or blackmailing him but I explained to him that I wasn't.' Rob's face screwed up.

'Do you remember this? Major Brian asked, speaking for the first time.

'Yeah' Rob admitted.

'So why'd you do it?' Kevin asked, banging the ground beside Rob's chair. Ben pulled him back.

'Why not? I mean, I felt so powerful - so tough. I could kill people and no one would know it was me. And if anyone ever did catch on I could always blame it on Ermac here.' Ben got enraged at this.

'He should have at least twenty years in Incarcecon!' Ben shouted. Rob looked over at Brian.

'Well, I believe that there must have been another reason for Rob to do this other than what he is telling us. As a long time friend of his I doubt he would just snap like that' Brian defended, horribly. 'He will have two months community service.' Everyone got angry at this.

'There were people who did this and got the death sentence!' Ben shouted.

'Just because he is your friend doesn't mean that you can give him shorter sentences!' Kevin shouted.

'Last week you convicted someone to life for doing the exact same thing as Rob, rigging a Plumbers Academy. So why are you acting so differently towards Rob? You are so bias, Brian!' Gwen added. Brian wouldn't back down. Finally, Ben took action. He hit the MEGATRIX and transformed.

'Humungousaur!' he shouted. Humungousaur grabbed Brian by the leg and held him upside-down. 'So, would you like to rethink your conviction?' he asked.

'30 years in Incarcecon' Brian said quickly. Ben detransformed and dropped Brian. Minto handcuffed Rob.

In Incarcecon, Brian was talking to Rob through a phone in the visiting areas.

'I'll get you out of here, I swear on our friendship' Brian swore.

'You better. This is not over, Ben Tennyson!' Rob whispered in an angered tone.

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  • Rob
  • Polymorph Trainers
  • Pisciss Volann

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  • This episode is based off of the Ermac situation with Ermac asking Rob something but Rob taking it as though Ermac was blackmailing him. Rob then decides he is tough and begins rigging things and blames it on Ermac (not a true part).
  • In an Alternate Timeline, Magister Minto is known as Finder Minto. A Finder is a Plumber with the ability to hide themselves well, they sit it public places and keep an eye out on trouble.
  • Camo-Form is a camoflage uniform hidden under every bed in a Plumbers Academy. It allows the wearer to become invisible.