Species: N/A
Home planet: N/A
Body type: Hairy Miniature Humanoid
Abilities: Heatrays, Size Changing, Enhanced Speed, Cheeky, Super Strength, Body Distortion, Triangular Beams
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TriWuzzo is an alien confirmed for the series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX. He will appear in season 2.


TriWuzzo looks like a fuzzy, miniature humanoid with triangle eyes and a triangle mouth. He is purple in color with 5 fingers on each hand and no toes on his feet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

TriWuzzo can shoot heat rays out of his eyes. He can also fluff up his body to make himself bigger. He is very fast and strong which helps him because he is very cheeky and always giggles at nothing. TriWuzzo has the ability to distort his body by bending it and twisting it into odd shapes to freak out his opponents or move around faster. He can also create triangle beams and shoot them (Similar to how Bulbasaur the Pokemon creates leaves and shoots them as Razor Leaf).



The picture was made by Bink back when she was doing requests.


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