This is the first episode ever of JUU!


Part IEdit

The scene is seen at a building, there are guests wearing incredibly fashioned clothing, all human, with a man in front of a projector.

Man: Hello, welcome! I welcomed you all here because I found these stories by a great ancestor of mine! He was the hero of the universe!

A Randomn Woman: Are you talking about-?

Man: Yes, Jonathan. The one who saved the entire universe from the 'Universal War'! Though, he wrote stories, and made them into his own, personal videos, the ones that the 21st century humans were using, called 'DVDs' that he made after each adventure! He took tape of these videos, these videos are not the same as his real adventures. These are the ones he remembered. He taped these at the ending of the Summer of 2011. Around September, 2011. After his final adventure! But, he made more videos after the 2011 adventures, there are 3 selections of videos! One part shows Jonathan as a 14-year old! Then, a 16 year-old! And finally, when the great 'Universal War' happened, 19-year old Jonathan.

The man had dark brown hair, black eyes, a two o'clock beard, and looked as if he was in his mid-twenties.

The projector was ready to surveil. It fades into the presentation.

The screen shows a neiborhood with regular houses, it's about nine at night, raining cats and dogs. There is one house that has their lights on.

In that house, a young teen is lying on his bed, staring out the dim and misty window.

The boy got up, he picked his self through his bedroom door into the kitchen, that has the lights on.

Boy: Hey, Mom.

Boy's Mother: Yes, Jonathan?

Jonathan: I'm starving. Can I help cook? I'm really great at it!

Jonathan's Mother: Maybe another

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