The Power of Magic is the second episode of Sierra 10.

Sierra 10
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date March 17, 2012
Written by Sierra
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Relics and Aliens


Sierra starts a magic class, but when another girl sees her, a rivalry starts. But this girl isn't any normal girl....


-Sierra was at a wizardry school.-

(Sierra): This is so Harry Potter right now!

-A girl walked up and broke over Sierra's magic pen.-

(Girl): Oh, I'm so sorry!

(Sierra): No problem!

-Sierra reformed the magic pen.-

(Girl): My name's Kira.

-Kira walked away, and a fire in her eyes is shown.-

Theme Song

-Sierra was walking home from school.-

(Sierra): I have to practice my magic tonight.... And all the spells I can do are:

  1. Fixing objects
  2. Healing
  3. Weak telekenisis

-It started to rain, and Kira is shown running from it.-

(Kira): WATER! AHH!

(Sierra): What's her problem?

-Kira ran into a greenhouse.-

(Kira): Ahh..... Water....

-Sierra walked into the greenhouse.-

(Sierra): Why did you run from the rain?


(Kira): You'll never find out! Hahaha!

-Kira was breathing fire for a second before she covered her mouth.-

(Sierra): You're not human....

-Kira burned down the greenhouse wall and flew away.-

(Sierra): Obviously a fire-type alien. Relictrix, scan it!

-The Relictrix shot a beam at Kira.-

(Sierra): I said scan, not kill!

(Relictrix): How do you think I'm supposed to scan her? I'm sending a scanning laser at her.

(Sierra): You can talk?!


(Relictrix): Duh.

-The Relictrix shot another beam at Kira.-

-Kira threw some magic rocks at Sierra. The rocks exploded, and Sierra transformed into Cellstorm.-

(Cellstorm): I can multiply. Can you beat that?

-Kira threw some gems at Cellstorm. They poisoned her badly. Cellstorm reverted.-

(Sierra): I'm... Still... Poisoned....

(Kira): Hahaha, you can't beat me!

-Kira's human skin melted off, revealing Pyronite "skin".-

(Kira): Now...

-Kira flicked her fingers and the Relictrix slipped off of Sierra.-

(Kira): Your watch... Is mine! You'll never be as good as me. You know that.... I know that....


-Kira landed, and Sierra limped over to Kira.-

(Kira): I am your ruler now. Your queen! The one who shall destroy this planet. The one who shall be victor-

-Sierra had knocked Kira into a puddle.-

(Kira): I'm weakening....

(Sierra): You.... Obviously.... TALK TOO MUCH!

-Sierra had suddenly been taken over by The One.-

(Sierra): Thou shall fail their conquest.

-Sierra was normal again. She put the Relictrix back on.-

(Sierra): I know magic. And I learn.

-Sierra crossed her arms and she was healed.-

-The Relictrix shot a beam at Kira. Sierra was Heatblast.-

(Kira): I.... I... Give up....

-A mark on Kira's head faded away.-

(Heatblast): A spell.... It was.... A spell....

(Kira): What happened?

(Heatblast): You attacked me.

-Kira scratched her head and walked away.-

(Kira): But hey.... Since you know my secret, we're friend right?

(Heatblast): Yeah.




  • Heatblast
  • Cellstorm


  • Sierra


  • Kira
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