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Season 2, Episode 40
Air date 21 July 2016 (japan)

16 July 2016 (austrlia)

Written by Len Uhley

Eugene Son

Directed by Paul Grinder
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Transcript Edit

Prevley On Ernief 10 Alien Force

Emac Im Here At Last Finaly

Three No

Emac You Fool I Have Just Betrayed You Blah & Doga Were Fools By Planet By Planet I Take Ther Power

Three You Betrayer Lucky Its Just You And Me

Emac Thats Where It Begun

Ernief Guys We Have Promblens Emac Has Gone After The Beyond Lets Go

And Now

Three Give Up You Dont Desvre The Power

Ernief Were Here

Three Back Off

Emac Ahhhhh They Have Come To My Rescue Destroy Three

Three No They Hate Your Foolishness So Destroy Emac

Emac Ha (leaves)

Three Fool (leaves)

ATS Ahhhh Emac Now You Are A Idiot Come Monitor Come

Monitor Brother Have I Desrved To Go Out

ATS Brother Your The Only One Who Is Trustful So.....Go And Get Power From The Beyond

Street Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Ahmad Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah

Reo Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Ernief You Can Feel The Power Runninng Trow You

Monitor Give Me The Power

Ernief ATS

Mon Im Not ATS Im His Brother So After Your Destrcotion Is Held Your Next Cause Im Air To The Thrown Im Monitor

Three And His A Warrior Get The Power Now


Street Charge

Three No


Street Your Not The Only Ones With The Beyond

Three Yes We Are


Monitor Ahhh Yes

Ernief Stay Away From It

ATS Do Not Tell My Brother What To Do Im A Warrior


Ernief No

ATS Ther Power Get It

Ernief Charge Up


Emac Ugh Let Me Go You Idiot

Sub Oh No Now We Desrve Power From The Beyond You Will Be Destroyed With The Power You Wanted Laughs

Ernief Give Up

ATS Never Yes Monitor

Mon Im More Powerfuler Than You Think

ATS Master Mon We We Destroy Ernief

Mon Im More Powerful So Yes




Ernief Ugh.........................

Mon Ha

Reo Street Ernie & Ahmad Final Strike


ATS Brother No Big Form (leaves)

Mon Ha

Ernief Sledge Megazord

Mon Ha


Ernief Ugh No Final Strike


ATS Another Warrior Fails Emac Ahhhhh Yes Time To Die

The End


ATS Is Ambushed By Emac Emac Then Has Another Way To Wipe Out Sub By Destroying His Lair While Ernief Battles The 2nd Warrior





Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

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