The One Takes Over is the fourth episode of Sierra 10.


The One takes over Sierra's body, turning her against her team. Can they defeat her, or will she defeat them?


-Sierra was at the park, when a sudden light appeared over her eyes.-

(Sierra): Destroy....

Theme Song.

-Sierra is shown destroying some cars.-

(Sierra): Primitive race.

-Kira threw a fireball at Sierra.-

(Kira): What happened?

(Sierra): A Pyronite. A weak one, perhaps.

(Kira): Okay, no one calls me weak.

-Kira powered up.-

(Sierra): How primitive. Also, you are standing next to a liquid called H2o, which weakens your race.

(Kira): Uh-oh.

-Sierra transformed into Oxygnetic and created a tsunami. Kira went flying.-

(Oxygenetic): It appears I am able to hack this relic easily.

(Relictrix): Nuh-uh, girl! No one hacks me easily!

(Oxygenetic): Very moody.

-Oxygenetic hacked the Relictrix and transformed into Cattack.-

(Cattack): A Felin B! Very useful, but also weak.

-Cattack jumped onto a building.-

(Cattack): A major city. Once I rule it, it will be the base of my new empire.

To be written....

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