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Season 2, Episode 21
Air date 30 Jan 2016
Written by Charlotte Fullerton
Directed by Britta Johnstone
Episode Guide
A New Dawn Has Rised
Over The Master

Transcript Edit

Prevley On Ernief 10

Ernief Finaly

Ulti You Did Good

Ernief Thanks Im Sorry For GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG You I Just Dint Like You Leaving

Ulti Yes Im Sorry Too I Was a Fool For Saying These Things about The Past

Vrak Fools Im Here

Ernief Who Are You

Vrak Vrak Now The Energems

And Now

Vrak Witch Will It Be Ernief The Energems Or Youre Fate

Ernief Never Ok Ok Someone

Astrowinger Wow A New One Cool (shoots Vrak And Slashes Him)

Vrak No What

Rollaway Lets Bolw (crashes into him)


Malkor Damaras That Idiot Ernief Defeated Vrak Vrak Youre Back

Vrak Shutup I Dont Like Anyone In Erniefs Team

Malkor Thats Why After That Idiot Sledge Arrived He Was A Fool To Attack Now Plan 2 Getting The Red Energem Off Ernief Ive Got A Monster Riddlemounth Go

Riddle Yes

Ernief ahhh Yes Hun No

Riddle Ernief Face Me

Ernief Cannbolt

Cannbolt Lets-

Ernief Nooooooooooooooooooo

StreetM We Will Take Him

Riddle Ha Youre Fools To Attack

Ernief Yes Cannbolt

Cannbolt Lets Bolw

RiddleMounth Impossable


Malkor Destrcotion To All

The End


Ernief And StreetM Have To Go Up Aginst Vrak Malkor & Damaras After They Defeated Sledge in Ernief 10

A New Dawn Has Rised








Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Aliens Used By StreetMEdit

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