Stormfront is a Thundorian from Tempestas in the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix. He has the ability to control weather and create weather conditions. He was created by Thomas Hozempa.

Species: Thundorian
Home planet: Tempestas
Body type: Thunderstorm/Tornado
Abilities: Creates Weather Conditions and Natural Disasters
1st appearance: The Ultimate Storm


Stormfront is an 8-foot tall stormcloud whose head resembles a thundercloud while his body is a tornado with the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. His arms are made of blue lightning. He has no legs, but instead a tornado body. He also has small fangs. He moves around a similar way a tornado does.


It has the ability to control weather. He is able to create deadly storms by going up in the sky, expand, and start up a thunderstorm, tornado, hailstorm, rainstorm, etc.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIXEdit

Stormfront makes an appearance in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX. He appears in As The Storm Fronts and Area 51 Is Back. He makes various appearances in season 3 and later appears in the successor series; Ben 10: MEGA Alien

Stan 14Edit

Stormfront also appears in Stan 14. He appears in A Hero Rising Part 2.

Finn 10Edit

Stormfront is one of Finn's original aliens in Finn 10. He'll debut in The Ultimate Storm.


  • When I was a little kid (probably back in 2006 or 2007), I drew a thundercloud-like alien flying through a city. That alien seemed to have become Stormfront.
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