Squawk is a regular bird from Earth. He is Jake's fourth additional alien. He appears in the "Pet Saga" when Ipnotizzare jumps into Jake's timeline and hypnotizes every dog, cat and bird. The saga is non-canon, so Jake never really gains access to Woof or Squawk, so the two will not appear again until the non-canon episodes Jake 13,000 and Jade 13.


Like all birds (excluding penguins), Squawk can fly. While flying, Squawk gains great speed. He can also pick things up with his claws and bite and scratch. He also has great aim and can poop whenever he likes (LOL)


When Jake becomes Squawk, he gains a regular bird's personality meaning he can not resist but to play with shiny things. He is also not very strong or large.


Squawk is the size of a regular bird. He is green and sports the Rognitrix symbol on a collar on his foot.


Squawk debuts in the Ipnotizzare saga when Ipnotizzare jumps into his timeline and hypnotizes all the dogs, cats and birds to serve him. His counterpart Woof also appears here.


  • Regular Jake never gained access to Woof or Squawk because the Ipnotizzare saga is from a different timeline.</li>
  • Squawk was scanned from a random bird trying to destroy him after being sent by Ipnotizzare.</li></li></li>
  • Jake will always have access to Woof and Squawk's counterpart, Meow, because he was unlocked before them and in Jake's real timeline.
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