Snakepit (BTMA)
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Body type: Giant Humanoid Snake
Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhance Agility, Controllable Strong Tail, Biting, Eating, Shooting Venom
1st appearance: After-Shocking

Snakepit is an alien in Ben 10: MEGA Alien. He is one of Ben's additional aliens.


Snakepit looks like a giant snake. He has snake heads on his hands and green eyes.


Snakepit has enhanced strength, speed and agility. He can control his tail like an arm, unhinge his jaws to eat things, bite with his mouth and two mouths on his hands and shoot venom.


Snakepit makes his debut in After-Shocking after Ben slams down on a random hologram, becoming an all new alien. He is then used to fight R.E.D.s but eats too much and nearly explodes, forcing Ben into Upchuck.

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