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Season 1, Episode 10
Air date 12 September 2015
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Paul Grinder
Episode Guide
Once I Was Young
When UltiVerse Becomes Evil

Transcript Edit

Vilgax Sledge I Have Returned To You

Sledge Vilgax Wrench A Party

Vilgax What For

Sledge I Have 1 Energem But Fury Has None so.......

Curio Master A Warrior Has Come

Skaty Im Here To Crash This Party

Ernief Guys Keep Serching For Energems

StreetM Ernie Is That All You Care About Finding Energems

Ernief No But Sledge Is Looking Fo- Blue One A Guys Had It

Fury Ahhhhh Finaly No More GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 7 Energems Left

Ernief Fury?

Fury Ernief Go Away Im On A Mission

UltiVerse Finding Energems Youre Trying To Find Energems To Beat Sledge

Fury Yes Indeed Now Buzz Off (shoots Ernief)

Fury Warned You Once Go Away

Gutrot No

Skaty Im Here

Fury Whos This Fool

Gutrot Let Me

Fury Blue Energem Time (shoots Gutrot)

Ernief Ugh No

Fury Goodbye (leaves)

Ernief Ugh Keep Finding Energems Now Or...... Just Keep Finding Them Sledge Is On The Move He Wont stop Untill One Energems Found

UltiVerse Ernief Stop Please Or

Ernief No UltiVerse No More Off You

Sledge Skaty So A Warrior Now A Plan

Ernief Ugh

UltiVerse The Black One Has Been Found

Skaty Hey Humans Lets Rock

Ernief Ive Got This

Skaty Ahhhhhhh Ernief Go Down

Fury Sledge

Sledge Fury The Blue Energem

Fury Ahhhh Sledgey

Sledge Lets Go (shoots Fury The Blue Energem Falls Into Sledges Hand)

Skaty Ernief?

Ernief Gess Again

Ditto Ditto Cloud Attack

Skaty No



UltiVerse Ernie Stop

Ernief Dont Tell Me To Stop Fury Is Still Out There With The Blue Energem So......

UltiVerse Energems Really?

The End


Sledge & Fury Have A Race On Finding Energems Meanwhile Ernief Gets A Motobike And It Has Lots Of Upgrades






Aliens Used By ErniefEdit



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