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Season 2, Episode 44
Air date 16 August 2016
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Mark Beesley
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Transcript Edit

Prevley On Ernief 10/Ernief 10 Alien Force

Sub On Your Feat

Pat Hello Ernief

Nbjammer No You Think Again Red Ranger Up

Ernief Yes

Pat Impossable

Nbjammer Pat Your Charged On The Rangerwiki For Something That Is Not True And Ernief Will Be Comming To The Celbration Party RIC Cann Goodbye Pat


Nick Laughs Fools

Nbjammer Goodbye

Nick Not So Fast

Nbjammer Hun No

sub Laughs The adrim On Rangerwiki (leaves)

Sub Laughs Nbjammer The Stupid Red Ranger On The Rangerwiki So You Are A Fool Just Answer To Me

Sub I Need To Fill In Nbjammers Powers If It Will Make Me Powerfuler Now Sci Get Me A Warrior

And Now

Nbjammer You Wont Win

Sub Laughs Fool I Am The Knight I Am The One Sci A Warrior

Strangeralien Master Im Here

Krab Forget Him Il Go

Sub Go

Nbjammer This Isnt Fear

Sub You Fool I Have Amost Won What Stupid Reason Could You Posably Want

Sci Nbjammer


Sci Yes Now I Must Lets Gain His Powers

Nbjammer Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-


Sci I Have The Power Now Lets Change Ernief To A Fight

Sub Aggred

Ernief Guys I Have Lo- A Attack

Sub Ernief Face Me

Ernief Ive Got It

Sub Laughs I Dint Think You Show Up You Foolish Corwad

Ernief Charge Up

Swampfire You Will Pay

Sub Ha


Ernief Ugh Ok Guys Theres A- Ugh

Krabb Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ernief No

Sub Your Finshed

Sub Ha

Three Not So Fast




Sci You You Surrived Our Slash On You

Three Yes I Did

Sci Krabb

Krabb Yes

Sci Destroy Reo And The Rest Of The Team

Ernief Why You Were My Enmey

Three No I Ever Wanted To Do Is Join Yourside Now We Got The Beyond Power Lets Show Krab What Were Made Of

Ernief Yeah

Sub (leaves)

Sci (leaves)

Ernief Corwads

Three Lets Go

Reo Ugh

Krabb Pinuch Hard Dont I

Reo With The Sprirt Of The Beyond 3

Echoson 4

Ahmad 5

Street 2

Three 7

Ernief 1

Krabb No How

Three Easy You Betrayed Sci & Sub

Sub Big Form

Three Lets Use All Our Powers To Destroy Krab Once And For All TMNT Megazord

Ernief He Joined Our Team So Sledge Megazord

Krabb Fools You Heros Are Dumb

Three No Final Beyond Strike


Street Cool

ATS Ugh...................................No

ATS Impossable Three Joined Em Ugh My Warrior

Reo Ditto Megazord

ATS Blah Blah Blah

Reo Ugh

Ernief Ya


Krabb No Lets Destroy Him

Ernief Sledge Punch


Three T Strike


Krabb No.............I Was A Warrior You Just Defeat Me How Could You-


Sci No ATS And Three Are Back How

Sub Ugh We Must Destroy Them

Sci Lets Find ATS Frist Then Three

ATS Laughs The Ultra Place Is Near

The End


Nbjammers Powers Are Drainninng Fast Krab Is Sent To Destroy Ernief Krab Pinches Ernief Ernief Starts To Itch And A Hole Lot Of Spots Appre On Him...... Meanwhile Three Rescues Ernief From Sub And Scis Damage








Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

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