Riot in the Ultimatrix is the first episode of the series and the first episode of Season 1.


In Incarcecon,Albedo is in his cell,strapping on his newly-made device,the Powertrix. A security robot comes in and tells him it's time for his meal.Later at the cafeteria of Incarcecon, he spots a Splixon,a Gourmand,a Florauna,a Megawhatt and an Opticoid.Albedo scans the aliens' DNA and they get angry.Albedo dials his Powertrix,ready to fight.

On Earth,our heroic trio is fighting a purple Techadon robot.After a while,Ben turns into Heatblast and fights the robot. After a while,they defeated the Techadon.Gwen tells Ben they have to go heme as they will have a big day the next day. Later,Ben came out of his bathroom,hung his regular clothes and slept.

More coming soon

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