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Season 1, Episode 8
Air date 29 April 2015
Written by Geffrey Throne And Judd Lynn
Directed by Judd Lynn
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Omnitrix Not An Alreat
Once I Was Young

Transcript Edit

Sci Sub Your 1st Favrote Guy Was Destroyed

Sub He Wasnt My Favrote But Ernief Is Given Me A Hard Time Lots Of Sledges Monsters Were Destroyed By Ernief So

Sci Papper Ive Got A Plan Lets End Ernief Once And For All

Ernief Ahhhhhh

UltiVerse Sledge Sent Down Popper So....

NickFusi0n Fools

Ernief You Again

NickFusi0n Fight Me

Ernief Ok

Big Chill Yes (big chill slashes nick outside)

Nick Weak (shoots big chill) Armorr On (slashes big chill into A Warehouse) Powerless Team

Big Chill Powerless? I Will Show You Whos Pow- (nick Zaps Him)

Ernief No

Nick Pick One

Sub Ahhhhh Yes Nick Is Doing His Job Now Papper Do Your Thing

Papper Yes

Nick We Have Wastled Eongh Time Ernie

UltiVerse Never

Nick Fool (shoots UltiVerse Into A Watertank)

Sci Hello Ernief

Sub Laughs

Brian You Sure That Papper Is Reddy To Go Out Just After Roads Failed

Sub He Is

Sci Fight Me

Papper Take This (shoots Ernief) I Am Papper Heir To The Universe Youre Just A Weak Fool You Though You Could Finsh Us No You Wont Defeat Me Big Form

Sci Finsh Them

Sub Brian The Trap

Brian Yes Master Sub

Papper Foolish Ernief You Havent Got What It Takes To Defeat Me Cause Im Roccin This Party

Ernief Hero Time

Bloxx Rock On Roll

Papper Destrcotion

Bloxx Let Me Punch


Sub Part Of My Plan Falls into place now Brian

Sci Ernief Big Form

Papper Im Awsome

Ernief Oh Man

Papper Destrcotion

UltiVerse Wow

Ernief Ok

Grey Matter Grey Matter Megazord

Papper Destrcotion Too All And All Only

Grey Matter Goodbye Papper


Sub Laughs Papper & Roads Have Fallen But I Have Another Plan

Sci What Sending Me

Sub No NickFusi0n Is Next

The End


Sci And Sub Are Sick Of Ernief So They Go To Destroy Him












Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Big Chill


Grey Matter

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