Is an alien in Team Tennyson and Ben 10: Matrix Universe.

Prism Break
Species: Crystaltonian
Home planet: Petropia,


Body type: Humanoid
Abilities: Read powers/abilities section
1st appearance: UNKNOWN.


Prism Break is very cocky. He can never take anything serious, even in life or death situations. He always works his opponents up way to much, sometimes even making him lose the battle to a lesser threat. his can also be considered as a weakness.


He is a tall wood-like guy, who has yellow diamonds as hands and a similar to Diamondhead's head.


Are listed below...

  • Shooting Gamma Rays/Beams
  • Crystalkinesis
  • Diamond Manipulation


Are listed below...

  • Being Cocky/Overestimating himself
  • Sonic Screams
  • Chain Saws/Chain Saw related aliens.

Ben 10: Matrix UniverseEdit


Team TennysonEdit


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