Pilot is the pilot episode of Tommy 12.


Tommy Twelvis, a supposed normal pre-teen, gains the Twelvtrix. But he realizes he is being hunted by more things he can count....


It was a beautiful summer day, and Tommy was relaxing on a lawn chair.

(Tommy): Ahh.... Hey! What's that!?

A giant meteorite was falling from the sky.

(Tommy): I'm gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Tommy ran over to his crush Serenity's house.

(Tommy): Before we die, I want to let you know, I LOVE YOU!

(Serenity): What the-

The meteorite exploded.

(Tommy): Uhh....

Tommy noticed a glowing on his chest. A device was there!

(Tommy): What the-

Tommy transformed into a fire dude.

(Alien): I should name myself.... Ovenizer!

Ovenizer walked around.

(Serenity): TOMMY!?

(Ovenizer): Yeah. What?

(Serenity): How did you do that?

Serenity's twin brother walked down.

(Zachary Zachary): Tommy? You have the Omnitrix!?

Zachary held out a star that had a 12 on it. Ovenizer reverted.

(Zachary): I am an Omni-C.O.R.E member. Highest regards, Twelvtrix holder.

(Tommy): Whaaaaaat?


(Doctor Duplicate): How did you know it is me? It isn't really me! It is my clone.

(Tommy): Whaaaaaaaaaat?

Doctor Duplicate's Clone's exoskeleton fired missiles at Tommy. Tommy transformed into.......

(Alien): I feel like Buffy Summers now. Hmm.... BUFFYBOY!

Buffyboy threw the missiles back at Doctor Duplicate. Dr. Duplicate saw a spacecraft.

(Duplicate): Argh... Team Power... You win this time, Twelvis.

Duplicate ran away. The spacecraft landed, and five aliens came out.

(Alien 1): Rocksteady, Arburian Pelarota.

(Alien 2): Sunqueen, Florauna.

(Alien 3): Jay Gills, Polar Manzardill.

(Alien 4): Morphina, Polymorph.


The aliens charged at Tommy. Tommy reverted, but then Rocksteady hit his chest, and he transformed into Cannonbolt.

(Tommy): DOLTSPHERE! No wait... CANNONBOLT! Doltsphere was better...

Cannonbolt charged at Morphina. Morphina absorbed Cannonbolt and spit him out at Jay Gills. Jay Gills froze Cannonbolt in ball form, the Vulpimancer threw him up in the air where Sunqueen held him in midair. Rocksteady drills at Cannonbolt. Cannonbolt reverted, and Rocksteady pried off the Twelvtrix.

(A Voice): Back off, peasants, Squidavio has arrived.

Squidavio appeared, with a squad of some alien soldiers.

To be finished...

Tommy 12
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