Species: Unknown
Home planet: Unknown
Body type: Humanoid
Abilities: Reverted Stealing
1st appearance: Unknown

Own-It is one of Omi's aliens in ABC 10.


Own-It looks like Rook, but everything that is blue is gray and everything that is black is light blue. And he is shorter, the size of Upchuck or Echo Echo.


Own-It makes Omi quite selfish. When Own-It sees something he likes, he teleports it out of wherever it is, and teleports it into his own hands. Then it becomes his. After this happens, he can alter anyone's thoughts so that they think it was always his. There is no limit to the things that he can make his. Whatever becomes his, he can summon when he is turned into again. Own-It can also shoot weak lasers from his arms.


He is selfish. The longer Own-It owns something, it starts growing arms and legs and face and becomes more pet-like, giving it it's own personality.

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