Organism is a free-usage alien.



Organism is a microscopic alien. His skin is rubbery and inside is a jelly like substance. He can jump extremely high using the spring at the bottom of his tail. Organism has two tusks on his mouth. The picture of Organism is him on his stomach, but he stands upright like that when he needs to jump.


Organism can jump extremely high. He uses his two tusks to latch onto people or items and then crawls over them by moving the liquid inside him. Because he is so small, no

one can see him, allowing him to sneak around extremely well. When he latches on to someone, his tusks work as syringes and

he can pump a venom into his enemy. Each time Ben transforms, the venom is different. He has 3 known venoms:

  1. Sleep Inducing Venom
  2. Paralysis Venom
  3. Pain Inducing Venom.

The Sleep Inducing Venom causes the enemy to instantly be knocked out. The more venom inserted the longer they are knocked out.

The Paralysis Venom paralyses them in plac

e. Again, the more venom inserted and the longer the effects last.

The Pain Inducing Venom sends waves of agonising pain through the victims body, on and off for the next half hour.


Organism is extremely small, so his allies won't be able to see him. He won't be harmed if he is stood on, but if he touches anything sharp he could explode.

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