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Season 2, Episode 33
Air date 8 May 2016
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Paul Grinder
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Transcript Edit

Sub You Fools Have Lost Your Power To Bigs Ugh Give Me That Badge Ive Got A Warrior Nammed Tharnsot Come

Thransot You Idiot Im Back

Sub Ugh You Will Find Me Bigs And Destroy Him

Tharnsot Yes

Ernief Guys Since Digi Digifiend And Pat Are Destroyed ATS Is Powerful

Reo Guys We St- A Attack Bigs

Bigs Hello Ernief We Have Got Power Now And Were Reddy To Use It

Ernief Ugh

Tharnsot Ahhhhh Yes Finaly I See Bigs Hes There Come My Warriors Brandon Estew And B rywarrior Get Bigs

Estew Yes My Leach

Bigs Ha

Ernief Goop Power Up

Goop Yes


Ernief Ugh........What Kind Of Power Is That

Estew The Kind That Is Ours


Estew Fire


Bigs Lets Leave

Estew Brywarrior Go Get Them

Brywarrior Yes Master

Tharnsot Fools (leaves)

Bigs Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Quick Lets Hide In Here

Brywarrior This Way

Bigs Phew That Was So Close We-


Brywarrior Ha Your Not The Only Ones Who Can Hide Ha

Bigs Back Off

Brywarrior Not Untill You Give Us The Ako Power Of Our Masters

Bigs Laughs That Will Never Happen

Brywarrior Well Then

Bluefur Well Then This


Brywarrior No Big Form

Bigs Lets Use The Power To Bild Our Megazord

Bluefur Bigfur Megazord

ATS No Weak Where Is That Gril

Tharnsot Ugh.......................I Cant Recharge My Power

ATS No You Cant But I Can




ATS Finaly

Thransot You Laughs Havent Beat Me

ATS You Are A Powerful Warrior You Created 3 One Of Them Has Failed

Tharnsot But I Have Almost Proved Myself To You Havent I

ATS We'll See

Bigs Lets Finsh This

Brywarrior Ugh Yes Lets


Bluefur Saber Strike


ATS Is This Anyway Of Proving Your Self You Idiot Our Powers Are Still Lost And One Of Your Stupid Warriors Have Failed You Better Prove Yourself In The Future Or........You Will Be Heading For Destrcotion

Tharnsot Yes Master

Ernief They Escaped Guys I Think Bigs Has ATS's Powers Because That Was A Powerful Strike

Reo Yes It Was

The End


ATS And His Buddys Are Powerless Sub Gets Thransot To Destroy Ernief She Creates 3 Warriors They Go After Bigs But 1 Of Them Is Destroyed







Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Aliens Used By StreetMEdit

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