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Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 22 April 2015
Written by Jackie Marchand &

Judd Lynn

Directed by Britta Johnstone
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What A Well Of Wishes
Revenge Is Mine

Transcript Edit

Fury Yes Sledge Has Been Delt With Now To Help Master Robo Knight

Robo Knight Im Here

Fury I Need You To Destroy Sledge & Ernief

Robo Knight Il Destroy You Too

Fury What A Fool

Robo Knight No Gosei Had Me Scour This Wanted Place The Energems

Fury I Will Give You One If You Help

Robo Knight Ok

Fury There

Robo Knight Tricked You

Fury Laughs I Knew You Would The Black Energem Will Poision You Into Becoming My Minun Finsh Ernief

UltiVerse Whats That

Street Uh Its A New Weapon Ernief Ordered Us To Get A New Weapon But The 10 Remainninng Energems Cann't Be Found Of Fury & sledges Crosspath

Reo Isnt Fury Betrayed Sledge

Popper Im Here Robo Knight

Robo Knight Good Fury Wants A Monster

Popper Good The Fun Begins

Fury Now As I Hide The Energems From Sledge I-

Sledge Fury The Real Energems Give Em

Fury No

Sledge Planket Go

Popper I Need Fuel

Ulti Reo Ernief Wants You To Find The Red Energem Not Stay There

Reo Ahhhhh Soon

(30 Min Later)

Ulti Reo You-

Reo Later Adrim Of The Lord

(11 Days Later)

Ulti Reo Im Starting To Get Angry

Reo Later

Popper Oooooh Car Fuel (sucks it all up) Yum Fuel

Fury Sledge Sorry But The Answers No And Stays No (shoots Sledge In a Car Trows TNT On It)


Sledge Furrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry

Ulti Hun Ernie A Attack Ugh I Will Handle It

Popper Fuel Makes Me Happy

Fury Ugh Sledge Is F-

Sledge Gess Again

Fury Ive Had It With You Just Go

Sledge The Energems And I Will (slashes Fury And Shoots Him) Dead

Fury Nice Trick But I Can Surrive

Popper Humans

Ulti You Come And Get Some

Popper Very Well

Ulti Battle Up

Eyeguy Yes Take This

Popper Oh No


Bloxx Supprise


Zeltrax Ugh Sledge Return

Sledge You Win Fury But Next Time I Will Get All The Energems And Rule Earth

Robo Knight Yes UltiVerse Is Really Bad At This Job Maxibeem

Popper Yes

UltiVerse Megazord Time Sleeping Slash


UltiVerse Victory

Fury (kisses the energems) Stupid Sledge What A Fool Of Condition Now Lets Be-

Sledge Supprised 10 In My Hands Goodbye Fury

The End


Fury Makes A Deal With Robo Knight Just As UltiVerse Is Angry At Reo


UltiVerse (main Charcter)

Ernief (cameo)



Ahmand (cameo) 




Robo Knight

Aliens Used By UltiVerseEdit



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