Omni Planet is a series created by the anon who made Ben 10 UltiVerse.It is about the Omnitrix aliens living in a hidden galaxy and having fun.The main characters consist of Goop,XLR8,Ultimate Big Chill,Heatblast,Ultimate Wildmutt and Ditto.They live in a hotel.

Fan ListEdit

Main CharactersEdit

Note: These aliens do not have symbols on them and they have their UA appearances unless stated.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Working at HotelEdit

Working at Fast FoodzEdit

Working at Games 4 GamerzEdit

  • Jury Rigg(sells games and fixes broken game devices)

Working at Haunted HouseEdit

Working at GymEdit

Working at Movie StationEdit

Working at BeachEdit

Working on TVEdit

Regular CitizensEdit


Season 1Edit


Note: I need a co-writer.

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