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Season 1, Episode 12
Not An Deal
Air date 26 September 2015
Written by James W Bates &

Jill Donnellan

Directed by Britta Johnstone

Issac Flotine

Episode Guide
When UltiVerse Becomes Evil
Bad Demand


Malgax & ZeVikings Team Up But Sledge Teams Up With Ernief Just For A Two On Two Game  

Transcript Edit

Wrench Master Sledge You You Have A Message

Sledge Wrench Hun Malgax

Malgax Well Hello Sledge Dont Worry About Your Stupid Villy Ive Got Him We Need To Settle A Score Meat Me & ZeVikings Office By noon Tormmorrow .....Or Vilgax Dies

Sledge Wrench Send Roptoey Out To Captuer Ernief One Of His Enmies Is Out There I Want Him Here If Not You Die

ZeVikings Did You Do It

Malgax Yes I Did Now Sci & Sub

Sub Yes My Lord

Malgax Sledge Is Coming I Know It Its Just A Destrcotion Between These 2 Allying But They Will Become Enmies Again

Sif Ugh

Brian Fools

Nick Ok Now Brian Papper & Roads Were Fools They Dint Think Befor They Looked At Ther Destrcotion We Can Do Better

Sif Eongh

Sub Very Well I Will Block You

Malgax No No Blocks Any More None For Any One Im Going Down

Sledge Ernie

Ernief Sledge?

Sledge Malgax Has Kiddnapped Vilgax And Sif Wants Revenge So A Alliance

Ernief No Not A Chance

Fury Master Sledge Is A Idiot He Knows Nothing Now The Gold Energem Is Mine

Curio Gotya I Know You Are Doing Something Fury

Fury No

Curio Very Bright Sledge I- The Gold Energem Very Sparkley Give Me It

Fury No

Curio You Lier

Fury Bye (leaves)

Ernief The Red Energem Wait Weve Got The Black One

UltiVerse Power Up

Reo Wait UltiVerse Its A-

Ernief Trap

UltiVerse Can't Wait Untill

Sif Hello Looking For This Well You Will Never Get It Weve Been Waiting For You Time After Time

UltiVerse Power Up

Sif Think Again

Ernief Ulti- No Way

Malgax Hello Ernief Im Malgax Vilgaxs Brother Too Bad For You Im Invisable You Fools Are Stupid

Ernief Um Someone

Chroamstone Yes

Malgax Fool (shoots Chroamstone) (then slashes him 4 times and then shoots him 5 times)

Ernief No

Sif Let Me At Him

Ernief Sif

Sif Yes Your Powerless Face Me

Ernief Time To

Brainstorm With My Brain Power It Can Destroy You But Dont Worry i Will Take You On

Sif You Wont What

Brainstorm Ultra Power Yes

Sif Ha (shoots Brainstorm He Falls Out Of Ultra Mode)

Brainstorm No Matter

Sif It Will Matter About Your Destrcotion

Sif Give Up Stupid Ernief Your Destrcotion Is Near

Brainstorm SWAT Mode Cool Yes

Sif I Will Destroy You (shoots Brainstorm out of SWAT Mode)

Ernief Ugh

Sif Fools

Ernief You Wont Win

Ahmand Im Coming

Sif Reo Why Are You Working With This Fool

Reo Dont Know And Your Evil

Sif Thats It Hes Evil

Reo Super Sonic Blow


Sif Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Sledge Now Malgax Its Up To You And Me

Vilgax Think Again Malgax


Sledge Vilgax I Humple On Your Kness

Sub Sif Failed

Sci He Was A Idiot Like All The Others Now Nick Is Deffley Next

The End











Aliens Used By ErniefEdit



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