Nate DeBrino is a recurring character in Jake 13.

Age, Family History & AppearanceEdit

Nate DeBrino's age is unknown but it is set to be from 30-40 years of age. He was originally born in Italy like his parents and ancestors. He is married with Charlotte DeBrino and has two kids with her; Jake DeBrino & Robbie DeBrino. He appears to have dark brown hair and does not look very aged. He is slightly muscular but not very. Nate often wears slacks and jeans with big branded shirts (Adidas, Nike, Puma etc.) or button up shirts.


Nate is quite fast when he runs and has over average intelligence, but he has no over powers.


He enjoys spending time with his family, like most Italians. He also enjoys spending time with friends and working on technology and machines.


Nate is employed at Upple that creates new devices (phones, computers, games)

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