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Season 2, Episode 28
Air date 18 March 2016
Written by David Garber
Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
Major Attack
Megazord Time Part 2

Transcript == Cartoon Ok Now That Im In The Team I Can Help you Save The Universe

Ernief Guys We Hun A Attack Lets Go

Sub Hes Here

ATS Ugh That Idiot Ernief Has Foiled All Your Plans Its Time That i Got A Way Soon I Will Have All The Power Sub I Want Your Power To Help Me Together we Will Destroy Ernief

Vrak Ugh Malkor Damaras Is Trying To Betray You

Malkor Well That Would Be A Foolish Thing To Do Now That Ive Seen Bigs And Bluefur Loose I Need A Plan Wait Damaras Vrak Tells Me Your Trying To Betray Me Is That True

Damaras No Sirrer I I I

Malkor Ugh Ive Got A Warrior Bluget

Bluget Ha Il Teach Ernief To Mess With Me

Bigs Bluefur ATS Has Been Restored We We We Must Stop Subzero And Sci

Bluefur And Whatts Foolish Is Our Destrcotion

Bigs Laughs

Bluget Now Ther Energeys Mine

Ernief A Attack 2 Attacks Il D- ATS And One Of Malkors Warriors Ok Lets Go

ATS Fools

Cartoon ATS Nice Seing You

ATS Foolish Heros Soon Ernief Will Be Destroyed And Whatts Better Is A Relax Addiance Now Pepper To Die

Ernief Im Coming



Ernief What Was Tha-


ATS Idiots

Ernief Ugh

Sci Hes A Warrior He'll Take Care Of Ernief

Ernief Power Up

Heatblast Ha

Sci No Sub

ATS Easy


Bluget Ha

Street Guys i found the one whos doing this destrcotion

Bluget Ha fool

Street Ha


Street Ugh Ok Now Lets Go

Damaras Laughs Now With The Teams Destracte I Invate

Vrak Your a Fool

Damaras So...........Are You The Mighty Vrak That Will Stop Me

Vrak Ugh

Ernief Ok Ugh

ATS Eongh



Ernief Ugh

Cartoon Strike


ATS Fool

ATS I Win You Loose

Ernief Ugh...............No

ATS Sub I Have Defeated Ernief Hes Weak

Sub Now Itr Begins

To Be Contied.....


Cartoon And Ernief Face ATS Who Has Returned ATS Defeats Ernief Meanwhile Malkor And Damaras Fight To The Death









Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Aliens Used By AhmandEdit

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Aliens Used By ToonEdit

Aliens Used By ReoEdit

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