Max Tennyson,Ben Tennyson's grandfather,is a retired Magister of the Plumbers.He is married to Verdona Tennyson.


When Ben was 10 and just found the Omnitrix,Max kept his past a secret to Ben and Gwen,until they eventually found out in 'Secrets'.Max gave Ben a lot of guidance with the Omnitrix and even helped him to practice using his aliens.Five years later,Max went missing in search for the Highbreed.He was found in 'Max Out'.He sets off a Null Void hand grenade and was presumed dead until 'Voided'.After the Alien Force season 2 finale,Max tells Ben that the team doesn't need him anymore and he trained the Plumbers Helpers to become Plumbers.He still helped the team after the episode and in Ultimate Alien.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has experience in using Plumber tech and he has the Rust Bucket 2,his RV which is loaded with alien tech.

Ben 10 UltiVerseEdit

He is 71 years old and is an addition to the main team,starting from And So He Returns,the episode in which he first reappears.


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