Major Brian is a villain in Ben 10: MEGA Alien. He is a con-Plumber.


Major Brian looks like a human sized rat. He has sharp quills sticking off from parts of his bodies, including his head. He is grey and wears a Plumbers suit which helps to prevent him from being harmed from attacks.


Major Brian has great agility and can squeeze between the smallest of cracks. The quills over his body can be shot as projectiles and have the ability to paralyze an enemy or put them to sleep. These quills can also be used as daggers. He has the ability to slow his pulse down to make it appear that he is dead, and he has extremely sharp teeth.


Major Brian first appeared in Trial Run, sorting out the issue of having the Bellwood Plumbers Academy being rigged and destroyed. After he was forced into sentencing his friend Rob to 30 years in Incarcecon, he promised to release him.

In Revenge, he visits Incarcecon and causes a riot to allow Rob to escape. They, along with a group of others, then head to Earth to get revenge on Ben Tennyson.

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