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Season 2, Episode 27
Air date 11 March 2016
Written by Jill Donnellan

Jack Lyon Judd Lynn & Jackie Marchand

Directed by Greg Aronowitz
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StreetM Thinks Ernief Is Being Lazy After Not Joinninng In The Battle Aginst Dlup 

Transcript Edit

Street Ahhhh Ernief Your Lazy Look

Ernief So?

Street Ugh

Malkor Bigs You Are A Fool

Dlup Im Here Master

Bigs this monster is a warrior he destroyed the level scum after Ugh

Dlup Fool I Will Fight Ernief

Vrak So Master Damaras Should We Destroy Ernief

Damaras Yes But That Fool Malkor Is A Idiot Once You Bigs And Bluefur Have Been Destroyed He Will Be My Minun

Vrak Trader You Fool

Damaras mavro was a idiot

Vrak Ugh Slade Blade


(damaras fights with vrak vrak shoots Damaras Then Vrak Shoots Damaras)



Malkor Well Vrak I Shou- Who Did All This Mess

Vrak Him

Damaras Master I I I Should Know Better

Malkor Yes You Should

Ernief Ahhhh (Burps)

Street Only Pigs Do That

Ernief Shutup Hun A Attack

Street Lets Go

Ernief You Guys Go il Stay Here

Street Lazy

Dlup Ha Ha Ha


Street Guys Reddy

Swampfire Ha


Ernief Ok Street Dosent Know About This Weapon I Must Make It

Damaras Wheres Ernief

Vrak I Dont Know Your A Idiot

Damaras Oh Yes Im A Fool Alright But After I Destroy Malkor This Earth Is Mine

Ernief Ugh Oh No 2:00 Min They Will Be Back

Street Ugh

Dlup You Fools Have No Inverted In Taking On Me

Reo Yes We Do

Dlup No You Dont

Swampfire Hold On Dlup


Kingsmen 2 Ha

Kingsmen 1 Go Dlup We Have Got These Idiots

Dlup Master Malkor Invated You

Kingsmen 1 No Someone Else From The Up Did Now Rolor Blast


Ahmad Ugh

Street Ugh

Reo Ugh

Reo Too Strong

Kingsmen 2 Go to rest now by torrmorrow we will be bak stronger than ever Ha (leaves)

Street Ugh Ernie

Ernief Oh No 60 Sec Quick

(60 Sec)

Street Were Back

Ernief Yes

Street Ernie Your Lazy

Ernief No Im Not Ive been working on a weapon

Street What Weapon There Was 2 Kingsmen Out There

Ernief I Know Mavro Sended Them

Street Mavro?

Ernief Ok His Sons Well One Of His Sons Is Vrak And The Other One Is Vekar

Kingsmen 2 Ugh Malkor He Wasnt There You Fool

Malkor Do Not Quiz Me You Idiot

Vrak Guys Ernie Wasnt There Because He WasWorking On A Weapon That Is stronger Than Theres Now Dlup Go Destroy The City

Dlup Yes

Ahmad Lets Work On It Together

Ernief Of Corse Lets Go

Ernief Done A Attack This Time We All Join In

Kingsmen 1 Laughs

Dlup Once The Users Strike I Will Charge Out At Then But Malkor Wants Victory

Ernief Charge


Malkor Now His Here

Dlup You Fools

Ernief Charge Up

Grey Matter No


Ernief Ugh

Kingsmen 2 Face Me If You Dare

Kingsmen 1 Laughs

Ernief Ugh Stinkfly

Stinkfly Flap Like A Butterfly Sting LikeA Bee


Dlup No

Stinkfly Your Turn Final Strike


Malkor Bigs

Bigs Skuel Power

Dlup Ha

Ernief This Time Its A Stinkfly Megazord

Stinkfly Ya

Dlup No Curse You


Stinkfly Final Strike


Dlup You Foo-


Kingsmen 2 Were Sorry

Malkor Yes Of Corse You Are

The End







Aliens Used By ErniefEdit

Aliens Used By StreetMEdit

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