MEGA Spidermonkey
MEGA Spidermonkey

Body Type:

Giant Gorilla Alien


Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Agility, Concrete Strength Webs, Electrokinesis, Stingers

Original Form:


Devolved Form:

Ultimate Spidermonkey

MEGA Spidermonkey is the MEGA Form of Spidermonkey. He appears in Ben 10: MEGA Alien.


MEGA spidermonkey looks like Ultimate Spidermonkey but larger with dull fur and blue skin. His spider legs have turned into stingers but look the same just tan.


He has regular Ultimate Spidermonkey's powers. His super strength is better and he has great speed and super, dooper agility. His spider legs have become stingers and he can stab people or shoot venom. He can also shoot electricity or electrically charge his venom, stingers and concrete web.


Electrocuting himself in water.


MEGA Spidermonkey makes his debut in the Stan 18 Ben 10: MEGA Alien crossover, Stan - Ben: MEGA Ultra Crossover to defeat Alpha.

Transformation SequencesEdit

Like all MEGA alien transformations, a blue light shoots out from the MEGATRIX II and evolves them.

  • Spidermonkey becoming MEGA Spidermonkey
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey becoming MEGA Spidermonkey
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