Body Type:

Bipedal Tiger


Electrokinesis, Energy Beams, Flaming head, Super Strength, Almost Super Speed, Stingers, Poison Projection, Sharp Tail Stinger, Strong Tail

Original Form:


Devolved Form:

Ultimate Rath

First Appearance:

Colourless, Part 2

MEGA Rath is the MEGA Form of Rath. He appears in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX and Ben 10: MEGA Alien.


MEGA Rath looks like regular Ultimate Rath but is recoloured in certain areas. He now has five blue spikes on his head, four stingers (that work as legs), and a flame head.


Ultimate Rath's regular powers as well as better strength, speed, electrical manipulation and stingers. He has much better strength in his energy beams and is able to form it into a small flame as well as having a flame head.


Electrocuting himself in water.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIXEdit

Ben 10: MEGA AlienEdit

MEGA Rath makes his reappearance in Escape Plans to fight the escaped Ultimates after being pushed into the pit again after The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Transformation SequenceEdit

When any alien transforms into their MEGA Form, a blue light comes out from the MEGATRIX II.

  • Rath becoming MEGA Rath
  • Ultimate Rath becoming MEGA Rath
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