MEGA Forms are a form of artificial evolution. They are used in Ben 10: MEGA Alien.


MEGA Forms are artificial and there is no one in any time line that an alien could naturally evolve into one. When an alien is artificially evolved into it's MEGA form they become robotic.


When an alien is evolved into it's MEGA Form it gets recoloured over it's body and becomes slightly robotic and gains extra body parts as well as stingers.


Confirmed powers of MEGA forms are that they become stronger, more agile and gain electrokinesis as well as stingers and shooting venom. The alien's regular form can be evolved or their ultimate form. For aliens that already have ultimate forms both the regular form and ultimate form evolve into the same alien.

Confirmed MEGA AliensEdit

MEGA RathEdit

MEGA Rath is confirmed to be the first MEGA Alien to appear. He debuts in Colourless, Part 2 after Purpunite destroys the MEGATRIX and Azmuth gives Ben the MEGATRIX II.

MEGA SpidermonkeyEdit

MEGA Spidermonkey is the MEGA Form of Ultimate Spidermonkey. He makes in debut in Stan - Ben: MEGA Ultra Crossover.

MEGA CannonboltEdit

MEGA Cannonbolt is the MEGA form of Ultimate Cannonbolt. He makes his debut in Zs'Skayr's Return to battle Zs'Skayr.