MEGA Cannonbolt
MEGA Cannonbolt unrolled

Body Type:

Giant Cannonball


Ball Form, Super Strength, Super Speed, Agile, Electrokinesis, Stingers, Shooting Spikes

Original Form:


Devolved Form:

Ultimate Cannonbolt

First Appearance:


MEGA Cannonbolt is the MEGA Form of Cannonbolt in Ben 10: MEGA Alien.


MEGA Cannonbolt looks like regular Ultimate Cannonbolt except he is larger and recoloured with four stingers. When he is rolled his stingers became his spikes.
MEGA Cannonbolt


MEGA Cannonbolt is super strong and has super speed. He is also very durable due to having stronger skin and stronger armor. He can shoot his stingers with venom and can electrically charge them. He can shoot electricity and spikes. He can also walk fast on his stingers as spiders do.


Electrocuting himself under water.


MEGA Cannonbolt makes his debut in the episode Zs'Skayr Returns to defeat Zs'Skayr.

Transformation SequenceEdit

Like all MEGA alien transformations a blue light shoots out from the MEGATRIX II, evolving the alien.

  • Cannonbolt becoming MEGA Cannonbolt
  • Rolled Cannonbolt becoming MEGA Cannonbolt
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt becoming MEGA Cannonbolt
  • Rolled Ultimate Cannonbolt becoming MEGA Cannonbolt
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