The Rogni-KnightsEdit

After Jake meets Paradox, Paradox teleports him back to the medieval times because of Jake's history assignment. Paradox teleports him to the time where The Omni-Knights takes place, and Jake is surprised about a trix in medieval times. When Velmenni discovers about the Rognitrix, he has a plan to take both trixes...

Brian 10-Jake 13: The Hunt for MerlinEdit

Merlin wants to lure Jake into a very dangerous dimension filled with hideous and gruesome monsters so, he kidnaps Marty as a bait and opened a portal that leads to the other dimension. Jake as VLOCT chased him through the time stream, and pushed him to a nearby dimension. They ended up in Brian 10's dimension. Merlin sensed a Trix energy nearby, so he leaves Jake and Marty behind and begun hunting for Brian. Jake and Brian managed to finally defeat Merlin, but as they were celebrating, he grabbed Marty and teleported to Azmuth and kidnapped them both. Will Jake and Brian save the two people who mean so much to them?

Jake & Jake: Heroes of a PokeverseEdit

Crossover between two wiki series; non-canon: Jake comes across a time riff that shoots him through to a Pokemon universe. Jake's Rognitrix becomes a Poketrix that allows him to transform into Pokemon instead of aliens. Jake meets his 14 year old Pokemon trainer counterpart and get to know eachother. After some time Merlin zaps in and begins absorbing Pokemon in the forest. Can the two Jake's stop him before Merlin absorbs every Pokemon including the only time traveling Pokemon?

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