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Jake 13 is about a 13 year old boy named Jake who finds his very own trix with 13 aliens made by ET. This series is made by ET, which is pretty obvious :L.

Title SequenceEdit

Click here for the title sequence.

The title sequence begins with the Rognitrix, then it goes to a picture of Jake and progresses from VLOCT to Shadow Claw. At the end it has every alien with Jake standing in the middle.


One day Jake went camping under the stars. He was watching and saw a lot of shooting stars, but one fell all the way down to Earth. He saw smoke coming from where it landed and ran over to check it out. When he got there he saw a watch-like device. When he tried prodding it with a stick, legs popped out and it climbed all the way up the stick and clutched onto his wrist. Jake tried getting it off but managed to transform in the process.

Fan ListEdit


Main AntagonistsEdit

Season 1Edit

  • None

Season 2Edit

  • Kogan

Season 3Edit

  • TBA

Season 4Edit

  • TBA


  • TBA


Additional AliensEdit


Jake 13/Episode Guide

Video GamesEdit

Jake 13: The Video GameEdit

Jake 13: The Video Game is a real downloadable video game. It is currently in production and only beta testers who sign up will be able to test it out before it's release. Jake will venture through fighting various aliens.


  • This series has ET's name, but the age is not true.

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