Ice Burg
Species: Unknown
Home planet: Unknown
Body type: Large Penguin
Abilities: Cryokinesis, Super Speed (limited), Creating ice paths with mind
1st appearance: Trouble on Khoros

Ice Burg is a new alien in Ben 10: MEGA Alien.


Ice Burg is a large, penguin-like creature. He is blue in color with a grey stomach. Beneath his two fins are a second pair of smaller fins. He has one giant green and white eye and three tufts of hair on his head.


Ice Burg has cryokinesis, allowing for him to shoot ice from his hands and beak. When Ice Burg has built up enough power, he can shoot a powerful ice blast from his eye.

Whenever Ice Burg closes his eye, he can still see what is around him. When he closes it, the time freezes. While the time is frozen, he can create a path of ice around him which will appear as soon as he opens his eye, allowing for him to slide around on it on his stomach.


Ice Burg debuted in Trouble on Khoros. When a member of his species was disguised as a Tetramand, the MEGATRIX II scanned its DNA and Azmuth then forced Ben to transform into him.

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