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First Appearance

The Rise of Hopefull



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Hopeless (By Ben)

Hopefull is an alien available to Ben in the series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX. His first appearance is in The Rise of Hopefull.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hopefull does not have much skills and to Ben he is Hopeless. Hopefull, being made of slime, can ooze into slime being able to fit into the smallest cracks as Nanomech and Grey Matter can. He also has two large fangs for chomping down on things. Hopefull has large green eyes located at the top of his head and can be used as binoculars. He also has fingerless hands to use for hitting people. Hopefull can spread his body out very far and can regenerate, he also has an extremely hopeful attitude.


No real strength. He is always hopefull and always states how hopefull he is so when they are hiding he will often give away where they are. He also leaves a trail of slime. He also isn't very smart.


Hopefull's appearance is similliar to that of a humans. He has a round head with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Though his eyes are large and green and at the top of his head, his nose is one large hole and his mouth has only two teeth. Hopefull's upper torso is similliar as it has two arms though they are extremely long and he has fingerless hands. After that his skin becomes a gooey substance and it becomes green with no legs but a blob of slime



  • Hopeful is spelt with one L but because Hopefull is dumb he spells his with two.
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